Monday, March 1, 2010

Maybe this will help

my mojo!  I purchased some scrap products.  Really just a few as I decided to be a good girl and stay within my dollar a layout budget.  So this is what $54 buys you.  :D  With free shipping (YEAH!)

024 025

All the BG origins line (minus one piece which of course is the prettiest piece)  And six tattered angels I am showing in the picture.  I purchased mainly boyish colors and a silver and gold.  They are expensive to me but I love what people do with them.  Maybe on impulse I might get a pink or purple but for now i am happy with them.  I am thinking I will have to use them tonight on some pages.  I need to unwind.  Maybe that is why I have been in a funk I haven’t been in my scrap cave enough :D  lol


I wanted to leave ya all with some new family photos.  I got my hair did a little darker. 



Aaron lost a tooth (he couldn’t wait it has been forever since he lost his bottom two)


Alex being silly.  He is getting so big and talks ALL THE TIME!  cute and annoying at the same time.  016

Andrew doing various boy projects.  He is getting to the age he doesn’t need his mommy much anymore.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So sad no mojo :(

I have not scrapped since the beginning of the month.  I did 40 layouts in January after all so I am way behind.  I just haven't had the gumption.  Even after being excited for the display thing my dh found me.  I think when organizing it I realized once again how much I have hoarded.  And I don't know if I will ever use it all.  And then I think man what a waste of money etc.  And with my current ecomomic status it just depressed me more. 

BUT then this friday I am to get my income tax back and have decided to take some funds from that and stock up on new paper.  (I heart paper!)  And though I can't justify more embellishments I can paper as I do go through it.  In fact last night I matched up half of what I have for paper (and most of my new papers and all of some really old papers that I thought would be a good idea to pre-assemble (yeah not such a good idea but I will make do) so I can use all of those and feel major accomplished :D  )  SO I am fired up again and bummed I won't have time tonight to go downstairs. 

So right now I am debating what papers I want/need to get.  Anyone have suggestions on new must haves that are not too frilly.  I can handle a paper or two girly but really won't use a lot of that kind of paper with three boys.  :D 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready!

To get my shopping on.  It is very hard to not want to buy new paper.  I am holding strong because I know soon we will go to the closest LSS with tax money and I can stock up on some paper and misc items. 
Here are my newest layouts…
003 004 005 006 007
I really don’t like this layout at all.  but sometimes you just have to be happy and done.  After all I have a lot of pictures and stash to use up!008
Have you ever ran out of the letters you need so you come up with goofy titles?  Well I did on this one but I kind of like it so why not :D009 010 011 012 013 014
So twelve more layouts done.  These were done on Monday so a good start to February.  Since I did 40 in January I see no reason to do more in February.
How many of you have wonderful supporting hubbys for your hobby?  I so do.  He never complains when box after box use to come to the house even if by the end of the week we only had 10.00.  Even better he now looks for things I can use for organizing my scrapbook room.  In fact he found this awesome peg board display for me.  We were at the consignment shop together but in different areas and he hailed me over and “AHHHHH”(heavenly music) was this rotating pegboard.  He so gets brownie points for even thinking scrapbook room for me.  I hope this will help me lay out exactly how much extra stickers/embellishments I do have because it is so much I have a hard time remembering what I have.  And if you can’t remember it how can you use it!  Here is the before pictures and I will post the after when he is done painting it with some pink paint.  Just the metal but I can’t wait to see how it looks when finished.
001 002
This picture doesn’t do it justice on how tall it is because it is as tall as a person. 
I want to leave you with my new FAVORITE song.  It is so fave I want to spread the love.  I am a total lyric person and I really love all music.  I have this song on replay over and over again and am not through with it yet.  It is Need You Now by Lady Antebellum and this is a video of them at the Grammy’s last week.  They are flawless!
Thanks for visiting here and I hope you are converted :D

PS.  I forgot to say again thanks for your prayers/happy mojo thoughts on my possible job.  I got a second interview but not the job.  Kind of bums me out because it would be good benefits but the hours stunk.  SO a blessing but then again I would have been done looking.  KWIM? :D  anyway thanks again and I know this was God's will and you can't ask for more then that.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thanks for the prayers!

So one step closer to getting the job I mentioned before.  I am not so crazy about it now (the hours are kind of wonky) and in fact thought I had blown it having a beauty queen moment and totally missing the important word in the question and it's meaning. But this journey must be God's will.. if nothing other then to get me in the swing of interviewing.. being critiqued.  Oh wait.  I am ahead of myself.  So I got a call back.  I am one of three potential hires.  They want us to second interview with the staff itself.  I totally get it.  This is a boys group home kind of situation and they (we) have to be a cohesive unit.  But I must say it feels like it will be a popularity contest and I never do very good but then again I do at first impressions.  I just am too honest I think and not good at the games.  In general I like everyone and don't have time to not be nice to everyone.  If that makes sense :D  So we will see.  It is nice to get past the first round. 

So for those that read this and prayed... thanks!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

11 more layouts :D to my kitty

>>>>> edited to add:  Please pray for me.  I have a job interview on Wednesday around 1 central time for a job that would be in my field I am in college for and would totally get my foot in the door.  After the last two years being ultimatly with more hardships then goodships ( yes I am a dork lol) I have prayed and I beleive this will be a good year.  But it never hurts to have more prayer my way.  I know from this blog and my message boards with my son last year that prayers can be answered.  Thank you all for coming to check me out and taking your time for me.  God Bless you.

I watched three movies while I scrapped last night.  They were three totally contrasting movies but I was able to get a lot done during that time.  One layout I had done last week, a second one I finished by making some homemade flowers.  (have you ever looked at a layout think you are done then realize it looks unfinished?) then 9 more from start to finish while watching the movies. 
This one is my submission for the All about Me challenge blog.  The current challenge is to use a soundtrack of your life.  So my take on that was to thinking about what songs I would like at my funeral.  I know this is morbid but I don’t think I am that abnormal to think about it.  Plus if/when that day comes then I hope my hubby or children remember this page so that will be one less thing for them to worry about. It is two fold with music.  The purples pieces are the lyrics to the sound of music’s Good-bye song… you know… Farewell… good night, something German, Adieu etc…  And then several songs I would like played in the huge journal blog I did.  With the main lyrics of why I chose that song.  I really love it.  I think the paper fits though I am iffy on all the purple flowers.  But I am not good at perfect like.  I wish I was though :D
100_3082 100_3083 100_3087 100_3091100_3090  100_3092 100_3093 100_3094 100_3095 100_3096
And then these are the rest.  I used up all that spring paper (can’t remember what it was) And I don’t normally like very critter friendly paper but these ones were easy to work with.  So now I get to add 11 more dollars to my spending money yeah!  Love using that stash!  I really want to get my hands on some of that Basic Grey Origins paper.  So I hope soon to make a trip to my LSS. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Short post I promise

Just my latest layouts.  I got crazy one day at work doing journaling on transparency.  But I love how they turned out.  Way better then my own writing.

  scrapbooking 001

Both of these done with my scrapbook4u latest kit.  it is bella blvd I love that company.  I have decided what ever layouts I make using kit paper I am not counting towards my general fund since I am not taking the kit money to pay for the kits from the general fund.  Does that make sense?  lol I thought I would use this quick but did these two and lost my mojo on it :(

  scrapbooking 002 scrapbooking 003

This is my word for the year.  I am going to try to accept the things I can’t change and deal with my control issues!  :D  Good luck with that you say right.  lol

scrapbooking 004

The AAM latest challenge is to scrap about what makes you angry.  This is kind of tongue in cheek as I did this facebook quiz about how unique my name is and it was very un unique and I am angry at my parents.  lol  I thought a fun way to document something about my name.  I want to do another one to go with this about where my name come from… or why my folks picked it.

scrapbooking 005

THis is my favorite of the ones I did this round.  It is simple and I love the papers.

scrapbooking 006 scrapbooking 007 scrapbooking 008

Here is a close up of the sparkly snail trail I added to the paper.  I thought made it a little extra cute.

scrapbooking 009 I am leaving you with a wonderful picture of our little adopted guy Rocky… you might remember we got a puggle from the shelter even though we didn’t know he was a puggle. :D  I love him so much!  It is amazing how something can find a place in your heart so quick.  And for the most part he is a good dog.  He thinks he is a guard dog but realizes quick he really isn’t and gets overly scared.  Poor thing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Layout update

I finally used this kit from LPS

The past kit part of the website doesn’t say what paper it is and I can’t remember as it was a mix of some prima and I think rough and tumble from another line.  Anyway I was able to use it all up.  When I first got the kit I was unsure what pictures to use with it but it turned out very versatile and I love that in a kit. 

089 090 091 092 093 094  096 My favorite!  :D

And one more on top of these.


So 8 more to the new year total :D  pretty good start.  I got my newest kit from scrapbooks deal 4 u and am so ready to break into it.  I think I will tonight or totally tomorrow.  It has Bella Blvd and I LOVES me some Bella :D

Monday, January 4, 2010

The countdown begins…

OR the count up.  These are the layouts I did New Years Eve and Day.  I was dedicated to watching Quantum Leap and using that stash up.  Here is what I got done.

 018 019 020

This is a close up of the coordinates paper where I folded it and sanded a grid.  I really love this effect it complements the grungy paper excellently.


This is using GCD paper.  I finally found it online to purchase and love a lot of it.  This green paper is one of their more calm papers.  Most of what i bought had glitter or was shimmery which was a nice surprise as I didn't know when I ordered it online.  It is also quality paper.


This is one of my faves.

024 021025 026

My fave Nikki Sivils paper from her Victoria stree line.  I wanted the paper to do the talking on it’s own and is why not a lot of embellishments.

 027 028

I had this layout in my head for a couple days and love how it came out.


Another fave layout of mine from a paper brand (scenic route) I heard is going out of business.


Another favorite as it is totally elegant and girly and I don’t get to do those very often.

031 032 033

I am also loving how these three came out.  They are all so different but from the same type of photo from walmart with santa.

So That makes 16 layouts for the year so far.  A great start since only the third day of January.  And since I am writing this ahead so I actually blog tomorrow I might actually have more to show for the 3rd.  If I can get the time to go down there and I SO want too!  :D