Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I was able to get back in my room

These are all from a zany zinnia kit with Fany Pants Summer Soiree. It turns out I will be getting three kits with this paper in it. I think it will work out as it allows me to want to do less cutting of paper and use more patterned paper as background.

This is the first page to a two pager where Alex caught his first fish at age two. Second Page.
I started to watch Lucinda and Oscar but it got boring so I switched to Conversations with Other Women. So far really good movie but I had to stop to do homework. I couldn't put it off any longer.
I forgot to say what I was watching when I made the previous five this day. The Constant Gardner. I hated the ending but it was fitting and overall an excellent movie I see why it got Oscars.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Five more

These round out the rest of the papers from the Zany Zinnia kit. THis kit was super fun to use!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Five new layouts and I LOVE them all!

I love the photos of Alex, Alex and me, and all three boy walking away. And I love the papers I am not sure the manufacturer. I think Prima. (in fact I am now 99% sure) and I bought as a kit at Zany Zinnia.

I did these five watching Suburban Girl which I Loved the movie. I recommend it. I laughingly think this blog as also become a semi movie review blog. lol

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The latest!

These are my latest layouts. I love my slice and most of these were done with the fonts and shapes. Most of these were also done with the heartbreaker papers. I am finally done with all those papers. I am really thinking I need to learn to be less controlling on the kits and when I am bored with one to put it away. The funny thing is I use to not get bored with them. But I think it depends on how easy the colors are to use with boys. I really thought the heartbreaker would be easier but it kind of wasn't. Though a lot of them turned out well. I don't have one I can't stand. And that is a good thing as sometimes I do. This layout was done as a challenge to use fabric in a challenge. at first I didn't like the way it was looking as I hand stitched it on BUT in the end I think it turned out nicely.
Bo Bunny paper. I decided to just get one peice of this line and this one was my favorite.

This layout was from a sketch challenge from the PS message board. It is one of my favorites I did from that line.
This one is my least favorite but it was a challenge and a subject I did want to blog about so i was happy to complete it.

Friday, June 19, 2009

shhh.. don't tell anyone!

This is what I did yesterday ... I think I am addicted to putting this little books together.

I made two booklets one for my slice. All the current fonts available and accessories. And all the cricut fonts I have for easy access of what I might want to use. Like I said I could become very addicted to making these booklets!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Little Off Topic

This is our newest addition. Louie... our new baby orange tabby kitty.

We love him already and he is the perfect addition to our family.
Oh and this next picture of our big puppy Fudge who is very very jealous so we had to give him some loving too. :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

home sick so of course I scrapped....

These three were done with We R memory Keepers papers and a lot of the slice. I LOVE that thing. I can't wait to get more cards for it.

The rest of the LPS bo bunny add on kit. I was able to get eight layouts from just a few papers and embellies. The alexander one is only the sticker page. I couldn't let those decorated stickers go to waste. :D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scrapapolooza recap

I had the BEST time at Scrapapolooza in Springfield MO. It seemed like it lasted 15 mins instead of 13 hours. The food was awesome not just your usual crop pizza fair but fancy items like strawberry spinach salad and parmesan crusted chicken.

I managed to complete All these layouts below and one extra that I spilled liquid glue on so didn't get a chance to take a picture of as it was in quarentine to dry out. That will teach me to not pay attention to what I am doing. I screwed off the lid instead of taking off the cap. GRRR.. it wasn't a complete disaster but I am not happy about it.

I wanted to quickly put into concept how long my day was just for prosterity. I left at ten til 7 am and got home right at 11:30. WOuld have been a long day if I didn't have so much fun. The scrapping was like a quick dream. I took my laptop and watched six movies. Vicki Christina Barcelona, Reign of Fire (got bored with it and changed it 3/4 through it), Juno, Twilight, Dodgeball and The Duchess (only got about half or a smidgen more then had to leave). I even had a mini five minute massage which is making my (Spelling?) feel bruised today.

Here is the first batch. I used up the last of my Life perservers April add on. Five layouts. This one I used quick through twilight. I wish I had more because I like the dreamy look to the papers.

At the tail end of the crop I started working with the June LPS add on kit. It was to be a mini book but I like the papers themselves. they are bo bunny. I only got to do three but I am feeling I can get at least five more pages out of the kit.

Personal Scrapper is having a layout a day contest with daily challenges for inspriation. One this week was to do a graduation layout. I haven't been to a gradution in years so I decided to take a pic of each of my diploma's and scrap how I completed my HS and AA degree.

This is the beginning of the free papers and kit we received from the crop. The first four were of a kit that was to make a two page layout. I didn't like the sketch. It called for too many pics and I didn't have any I felt fit the paper. I do not think I am the best scrap booker out there BUT I do think I am very frugal and can totally strech a kit out. I think these four pages are a great example. The only extra items are a couple of the pop up stickers. So I took what would have been a two page layout and turned it into four pages.

Here was just individual sheets of paper given to us. I personally think this was old stock but I suppose they didn't have to do anything really. :D

Here is the start of the layouts I did with the Feb kit from Personal Scrapper. It is WERMemory keepers Tiffany papers. I have not had a kit from there that I didn't like or even better love and I often get the add on kits too. This month I thought it cute and pretty but I hated working with it. The papers were on the too girly side and I was glad when it was all gone. I felt I scrapped it almost the whole day. And being frugal I couldn't waste it. Though I made myself toss out some larger chunks i normally probably wouldn't. I know i could have put it away but I personally like to use all of a kit before moving to the next one. It is a quirk of mine.
I do like or even love every single layout so it turned out to be an awesome kit. I ended up being able to do Eight single page layouts and two double pages. With very little added from my stash except some cardstock. It ended up working well for photos for my book and easter egg dying pictures i had. Also there is one that is of John and Alex and it turned out very pretty even for two males in the photo without being overly girly (In my opinion anyway lol)
Also the majority of these were done with challenges from PS in mind. Like a use a black and white photo with color or use a sketch etc.

So all in all I made 28 pages (26 -- one is not posted here remember the glue incident and two double) in a thirteen hour crop. I really felt i could of done more. A little disappointed but the fun way made up for it. They are having another in Sept. I plan on being there for sure!