Saturday, October 24, 2009

Loving Dream Street Sam/Superstition Line

This month’s Personal Scrapper kit was the Dream Street Sam and superstition Line.  Here are a few layouts I have done with this kit so far.  I also had a couple papers from this months LPS club kit that are from the same line so I still have a good amount of paper left. I took the Dream Street papers out of that kit to add to the PS kit.  And the rub-ons that were in the LPS kit.  It matched the Sam paper way more then the other paper in the kit which was Bo Bunny Kitchen Spice. 


The next three is the same picture done three way.  With three boys of course I usually have triple of every event.  So often you can see how I handle different events three different ways but this is the same photo three ways. 

003 008007004

I think this layout is my favorite and I am amazed i got 14 photos (I know small ones) on the same layout.

005 006

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a fun Kit

I purchased from Life Preservers club  It was the carnival line from scrap within reach.  I knew this kit would be best to use with my oldest son’s birthday trip to six flags.  Here is the six I did.

   064 065 066 067 068 069

Half of the pages I used my scissors to rough the ends and even did that tear away and backed it with different patterned paper on one.  I have loved that look for awhile now so I am happy to be figuring it out!

Here is one last one that I did using Dream Street Sam paper.  It was in the latest Personal Scrapper kit.


I am going to finish as much of this kit as I can in the next couple days.  It is a current favorite for sure.  In fact I think it is in the top 5 of the PS kits I have purchased in the last two years. 

Saturday, October 17, 2009


To my blog.  It started as strictly scrapbooking and over time has turned into mostly scrapbooking with a few snippets of my life to share with friends I have made in blog land.  I had planned on finishing this halloween project but it didn't make it.  And I was going to show pics but This is my birthday weekend (tomorrow is my real birthday)   Yes weekend.  I am sort of a Princess and it takes three days to celebrate me.  lol.  That and I am a kid at heart though this birthday has hit me kinda hard or harder as I thought I would be famous by now living in New York instead of beautiful Ozarks Missouri. 

I promise to update and edit this blog post later on as I went ouit for my birthday last night and got back way to late and of course had a church commitment (quizzing) with my oldest I had to help with so I am here waiting for it to start (lucky me I am the secretary so I get to use to computer here with no questions :D )  BUt come back later this evening and I will have some pictures. 

I want to share quick so that this hop to my blog is not totally wasted... I once went to a Halloween bowling contest and my costume was a ceral box but I went as a Serial Killer -- Cereal --- Serial -- Is that crickets I hear?  Hey I thought it was clever but was totally beaten out by my friend out the time who hand made a complete shamu killer whale costume.  Really she deserved for the money and time she put in but I still think mine was cleverer.  lol

As a kid the best costume is I was a cabbage patch doll.  I am going to hunt down a picture as I was way cute and I did win awards at my church that year for best kids costume.

Anyway... sorry for being a little lame and please come back later if you have the time (I will be checking your blogs later too!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Mojo

I did several layouts this weekend.  These are the ones done with the rest of the PS September kit.  I liked this kit and it had several papers I wouldn’t have picked myself but turned out to be cool to use. 

020 014 015 016 017 018 019 012

I printed out some summer photos so I was ready to use up some more summer soiree.  I am so over this paper as it is like the only summer like paper I had to work with… except the snorkel line (which I loved!)  Anyway it is about all used up.  I also discovered a photo program that allows more then one  photo on a 4X6 size and it has opened up tons of possibilities for me.  Even double layouts that i see out there I like for lifting!  So you will see a couple in this grouping and probably more later on.

009 002 003 004 005 006 007

I did a sister scrapper swap early in the year and I found some summer paper from those gifts I received.  I got two layouts out of it so here is the final two.

011 010

This is my favorite picture.  He was so upset and I know I was a bad mommy taking a picture before comforting but there was no blood so hey I made a choice :D 

Monday, October 12, 2009

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program….

To tell you of this awesome indie movie I stumbled across.  If you love a good love story you gotta watch this.  The title is horrendous but the movie is super funny and cute.  And had me giddy at the end.  Of course I am a sucker but still once you get past the often iffie acting the plot is very awesome.

If you do watch it please let me know what you think :D

oh and disclaimer it doesn’t have any nudity but it does have naughty words and suggestive talk so if you don’t like or allow those sorts of things don’t watch it.  I don’t want to offend anybody and firmly believe it is a choice.  Thanks!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

the layouts as promised

Yesterday’s challenge at PS was to use a name in the layout.  I did it three ways – one for each boys.  I compiled info on their birth names and went with that.  The middle one is my favorite.  I try to keep it all green (is that monochrome?) and I like the negative space too.  Alex’s I love the PP and had a thought in my mind but it didn’t turn out right.  I totally hate that when it happens.  Too bad it happens a lot!  (I think I whined earlier about this but it really stinks!! lol)

003 009 010

I was able to get one more done that was not a challenge.  I have really liked these papers.


I wanted to leave with a picture I took of my oldest looking at my latest creations.  I hope when he is 20 he still cares and/or humors me.  :D


Friday, October 9, 2009

Just a little funny

I did five more layouts today but I am feeling a little under the weather (there has been a plague in our house so I am hoping it isn't that)  I hope to share them tomorrow.

But I wanted to tell you all a funny story.  So my youngest is three and well has not been taught modesty yet.  I am working on it though because he decided one day to tell everyone out loud in an upscale store that I did not have a weiner.  So I was in the restroom and he comes busting in (The door was shut as I have older boys I promise ... I just don't lock it but that is sounding more and more appealing)  I say to Alex... "Have you heard of the word privacy?"  He looks at me plain as day and says "NO!"   HAHHAA  well obviously.  Kids are something else sometimes I swear! 

Hope all of you are well and warm.  It is already cold here and I hate it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I was a busy bee today :D

I had a slow day at work and since I am the church secretary my boss doesn’t care that I look busy all the time as long as I can answer the phone when it rings.  I knew I was all caught up on work so brought a couple kits and some needed items to scrapbook.  I started by finishing the days for Personal Scrapper’s Octoberfest Layout A Day contest.  (Known from now on as L.O.A.D) 


This was was for my favorite challenge so far.  It was a bingo theme.  It was a grid of like 16 items and you had to pick across, down, etc.  Mine was two use 2 PP, inked edges, a ribbon, and 8+ buttons.


This challenge was to use doubles.  I have two PP, 2 fonts, 2 diecuts, 2 ribbons, and 2 journal blocks.


This one was for using the leftovers of life preserve scrap club’s Main September kit.  I loved the colors in this kit and the semi vintage feel.


This challenge was to use things in 4’s.  So I have 4 PP, 4 brads, and 4 lines of journaling.100_2451

This challenge was to do a layout of someone you admired and to use an adjective to describe them in the title.  Aaron is my hero.  He really never complained during his hospital stay and was never a brat.  He did everything that was asked and in fact comforted me.  He is amazing!100_2452

This one was to use the number seven or lucky in a layout.  I opted for the word lucky.


I really love this one too.  It was done with the scraps I had from that LPS kit and August stamps from them too.  My title is a play on words.  Instead of night owls I put day owls. Those owls are SOO cute!


The next kit I am trying to use up is the September kit from PS.  It is another fun one.  This one and the one below is school shopping which is an annual tradition from when I was even a kid


Another school layout.  The pencil frame is the stamps from LPSC.  It is September’s stamp set. 

100_2465 100_2462 100_2464

So these three are from the September alternative kit from LPSC.  I didn’t think I had ordered it as I was on the fence but then she invoiced me so I figured I must have :D  lol  Funny how the memory works.  I ended up liking the layouts I did with it.  It is prima and I have not used any of their paper before.  All these are different takes on similar photos on a family “outing” to starbucks.  I drink a lot of their coffee but rarely buy for the boys.  In fact before this was one other time when Alex was just a few months old.  But we had time to waste so why not?  It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy our lattes and hot cocoas.

PS… The three layouts above with the typed journaling (other then the food one) is a journal block I did where I wrote about my love of my boys individually.  Like how my oldest is just like me but at the same time it makes me sad as I makes things more difficult then they need to be.  And how my middle one is so sweet and sneaky at the same time.  And how he has already proven his character with how he handled his hospital stay.  And my baby Alex and how he is all boy and knows kisses are only on lips and no where else even though I steal kisses on his nose, ears, and neck. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I heart Sons of Anarchy

I just found them on Hulu yesterday and could only get the first three episodes of the second season.  I am bummed but it seemed easy to catch on to who was who.  Katey Sagal is an awesome actress and I am still left with a broken heart of sympathy for her character on something that happened in the season opener.  I won’t spoil it for you but I haven’t felt that excited for a tv show since Lost and it ended up being so disappointing!

On to the layouts I did while catching up with SOA. 


I saved this photo from Nikki’s website and felt if I didn’t use her papers that would be a really cruddy thing to do!  I LOVE how this turned out.  This one also works for personal scrapper’s layout a day challenge for the first day to use a large picture and die cut paper.


I painted the grungeboard with Twinkling H2O’s.  (sorry for the glare not sure how to stop that) I had wanted some shimmerz but not sure where to buy them at but there isn’t much difference between those shimmerz other then it seems to spread less on easily but still usable.  This one fits making home made embellishment (painting them myself is home made right?) which was another day challenge at PS boards.


This is an example of when you have an idea in your head and you can’t get it to work on paper.  I am no real artist but scrapbooking makes me feel like I am.  That is why I love it.  It is a perfect creative outlet for me.  I had high hopes when doing this layout and really is just a jumbled mess but not hideous enough for me to totally re-do it. 


I love how exuberate these papers are.  And these cashews are over 1000 calories for the can and I ate the whole can in one day.  I have forbid myself from buying anymore as I have issues with moderation.