Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pure Excitement!

So my birthday is October 18th and coming up quick.  I have decided for my birthday I am going to join in on an awesome Blog Hop that comes highly recommended by Maggi.  I am going to spend the day blog hopping as I have heard this is a huge one.  The last theme was Mad Hatter Tea Party.  I totally missed out on that one but it made me curious as to what these blog hop thing is.  :D  And I have since joined in one and it was awesome and fun.

Here is the neat poster for it.  How cool is that and I checked out the website the lady hosting it is three times as cool I firmly believe!

I am working on something just for this event!  It will be using that cut mini book kit I received from Nikki Sivils at that crop a couple of weeks ago.  I can't wait!

Oh and I wanted to add the Personal Scrapper dot com's October kit is do DIE for!  And remember only $25.00 for a six month subscription with free shipping and handling!!  I have been getting these kits well over a year (almost two years now) and have never been disappointed.  This kit features DreamStreet which I have used before and it a very good quality paper and neat designs. 


laterg8r said...

so glad you are joining the party :D

Maggi said...

Very cool, so glad you're going to party with us, it's going to be a madhouse!