Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sorry it has been SOOO long!!

But then again if I had a fan base it would mean more :D lol
Ok so since last time I have gotten three new cricut fonts so excited about that. I think I want mini monograms next and am trying to tell myself I don't want the expressions cricut (But I do becasue it can make those scallop edges I am currently in love with) It is too expensive!!
I have done some lay outs and will post them below...

This one and the last one listed are the same pic done two different ways

The bottom one was an idea with the brads and eyelets that didn't turn out how I wanted it too but in the pic it looks good.! So who knew.. ok I am tired and will try to post more tommorrow to get everyone caught up :D

Friday, June 8, 2007

Two new canvas'

Ok I finally completed them... I think they turned out well but could have been better.. I don't like the chipboard embellies used but they are not hideous (thankfully I am not a perfectionist!! ) I wish I could figure out how to get them to the side instead of below...??

I made a mini book for a co-worker

Who's son just came back from Iraqi.. there were a few more pages but the cover and these two pages were my favorite...

Ok it has been awhile

Though I really don't have a following and it is mainly for myself so I guess I that is ok :D There are no adoring fans to be disappointed....

I have down a few projects I will post soon but mainly I want to put down a couple thoughts...

1) this is some major items I want to buy... (I add them here so I can stay focused)
A. the Bind it All @ 60.00 retail
B. a tonic cutter @ 45.00 retail
C. a blade thing.. I can't think of it right now but it is by ek success and it does stencils shapes and you look down the tube
D. A glass mat

Ok I think that is it for now...

Next is a petty vent... why is it that I do these projects for people and no one returns any kind of favor... and/or makes a minimal to do... I must say that yes I do it because I like too but also to be adored upon.. it is very irrititating to me... but maybe it is just me and I am selfish person... MAYBE both!! :D

Ok will post again soon... I promise.. angela

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Most recent layout

Here is my latest layout I LOVE it!! It was done with bazzil white cardstock, cat eyes chalk inks, pens, archivers brad, versamark, and some cheap embossing powders.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Official challenge

Ok I just thought to challenge myself. I was watching videos on and they were showing page planners and things of that nature and I want to use up a lot of my stash... so I am thinking of just making a bunch of lay outs then finding pics to go with them.... as I have a lot to pick from should not be any problem... I plan on starting this weekend. Wish me luck and I will totally keep you posted...

lots of love angela

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Card made with my Cricut

I love this card!! Almost want to keep it but I suppose I can always make more lol...

Somebody needs to keep reminding me NOT to

go to those sad websites!!! I keep reading them and then I sit here and cry and cry ... trying to hid my tears from my kids... I hate to imagine what it would be like if I lost one of my babies... but no one can predict those things All I can do is pray that God will take mercy on me and allow my kids to have a good long life.

I have only read two.. one a month or so ago where the boy drowned and then one today that I saw the info on my scrapbook message boards and her daughter tied from dusting and passed out in a tub and drowned. Whoa talked about how things could be different. I read her blog and it started a month after her daughter died... and you can see how she has "evolved" from just utter greif to someone resigned to her fate. I saved in my favorites but I hope it give me some insight in case ever have to go through that. Do other people worry this much or am I the freak? Like DH's grandma is in the hospital but I don't want her to die because these things happen in threes. And I believe that!! But she is 90 so at some point will happen. I made her a card from my new cricut and will post soon.... that leaves my ? of the day being... is other people as fearful of death as me?

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Here is the latest layout I have done and it is for my first challenge. The Elsi 52 challenges book... I think I will be putting my Dad's bbay pic and now pic.

hmmm... is it just me....

Or do I use OK alot!!! oh well I suppose there is more annoying phrases....
Ok so here is the pic I promised... andrew and I spent time learning how to use it and see what all it can do. It is nice when I get to spend fun time with my boys... and andrew loves to create just like me :D

Ok once I get it officially in the scrapbook room I will make copies of some of the layouts :D

Ok So I did it!!

I bought a Cricut.. what is that you ask it is a fancy machine that cuts letters, images etc. It was on sale for the lowest I have ever seen it and I went to the store selling it that cheap later in the day and they still had plenty so I figured it was meant to be :D so bad my budget won't think so.

I will post a pic later but first I have to clean a little then I will take it out and play!! Yeah!!! I am sooo excited!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

oh and I forgot to say...

Right now reading Keri Arthur Riley Jensen series... LOVE IT!

Can't wait for the Kim Harrison book to come out... I love that character

If you want something that I found really helpful therapy wise .. go to and take the test ... it will open up your mind to who you really are... It really rather saved my marriage and plus I find it a lot of fun!!

Ok so for real to bed this time :D Nighty night!!

Ok I need to be smarter then the blog!!

Finally I figured out how to post a new message... ok so it really only took me a second but was way annoying. It has been awhile since I have been on here because I tend to get sidetracked.

Anyway.. nothing new... work is hectic... life is good. I am hoping to talk my hubby into letting me get a cricut which is supposedly going on sale at Michaels this Sunday for 139.00. I am thinking if he lets me buying it on Saturday and then asking for a refund on Sunday. Just so I can still go to church but not miss out on one. Is that too trashy??? Ah well I am a southsider what can I say :D

My newest thing in the whole scrap world is templetes for doodling and my 52 challenges book I am doing. I will try and post what I get done for all to see :D

Well I am tired so nighty night for me... sweet dreams!!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Ok here I go :D

This is my attempt at being entertaining in a blog... I am kinda excited :D Currently I am snowed in at home and my boys are driving me nuts. Hubby is at work and we are all chilling out... waiting for a thaw .... Once I get my new camera I will try and post a pic of me :D