Friday, June 8, 2007

Ok it has been awhile

Though I really don't have a following and it is mainly for myself so I guess I that is ok :D There are no adoring fans to be disappointed....

I have down a few projects I will post soon but mainly I want to put down a couple thoughts...

1) this is some major items I want to buy... (I add them here so I can stay focused)
A. the Bind it All @ 60.00 retail
B. a tonic cutter @ 45.00 retail
C. a blade thing.. I can't think of it right now but it is by ek success and it does stencils shapes and you look down the tube
D. A glass mat

Ok I think that is it for now...

Next is a petty vent... why is it that I do these projects for people and no one returns any kind of favor... and/or makes a minimal to do... I must say that yes I do it because I like too but also to be adored upon.. it is very irrititating to me... but maybe it is just me and I am selfish person... MAYBE both!! :D

Ok will post again soon... I promise.. angela

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