Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So sad no mojo :(

I have not scrapped since the beginning of the month.  I did 40 layouts in January after all so I am way behind.  I just haven't had the gumption.  Even after being excited for the display thing my dh found me.  I think when organizing it I realized once again how much I have hoarded.  And I don't know if I will ever use it all.  And then I think man what a waste of money etc.  And with my current ecomomic status it just depressed me more. 

BUT then this friday I am to get my income tax back and have decided to take some funds from that and stock up on new paper.  (I heart paper!)  And though I can't justify more embellishments I can paper as I do go through it.  In fact last night I matched up half of what I have for paper (and most of my new papers and all of some really old papers that I thought would be a good idea to pre-assemble (yeah not such a good idea but I will make do) so I can use all of those and feel major accomplished :D  )  SO I am fired up again and bummed I won't have time tonight to go downstairs. 

So right now I am debating what papers I want/need to get.  Anyone have suggestions on new must haves that are not too frilly.  I can handle a paper or two girly but really won't use a lot of that kind of paper with three boys.  :D 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready!

To get my shopping on.  It is very hard to not want to buy new paper.  I am holding strong because I know soon we will go to the closest LSS with tax money and I can stock up on some paper and misc items. 
Here are my newest layouts…
003 004 005 006 007
I really don’t like this layout at all.  but sometimes you just have to be happy and done.  After all I have a lot of pictures and stash to use up!008
Have you ever ran out of the letters you need so you come up with goofy titles?  Well I did on this one but I kind of like it so why not :D009 010 011 012 013 014
So twelve more layouts done.  These were done on Monday so a good start to February.  Since I did 40 in January I see no reason to do more in February.
How many of you have wonderful supporting hubbys for your hobby?  I so do.  He never complains when box after box use to come to the house even if by the end of the week we only had 10.00.  Even better he now looks for things I can use for organizing my scrapbook room.  In fact he found this awesome peg board display for me.  We were at the consignment shop together but in different areas and he hailed me over and “AHHHHH”(heavenly music) was this rotating pegboard.  He so gets brownie points for even thinking scrapbook room for me.  I hope this will help me lay out exactly how much extra stickers/embellishments I do have because it is so much I have a hard time remembering what I have.  And if you can’t remember it how can you use it!  Here is the before pictures and I will post the after when he is done painting it with some pink paint.  Just the metal but I can’t wait to see how it looks when finished.
001 002
This picture doesn’t do it justice on how tall it is because it is as tall as a person. 
I want to leave you with my new FAVORITE song.  It is so fave I want to spread the love.  I am a total lyric person and I really love all music.  I have this song on replay over and over again and am not through with it yet.  It is Need You Now by Lady Antebellum and this is a video of them at the Grammy’s last week.  They are flawless!
Thanks for visiting here and I hope you are converted :D

PS.  I forgot to say again thanks for your prayers/happy mojo thoughts on my possible job.  I got a second interview but not the job.  Kind of bums me out because it would be good benefits but the hours stunk.  SO a blessing but then again I would have been done looking.  KWIM? :D  anyway thanks again and I know this was God's will and you can't ask for more then that.