Saturday, November 22, 2008

Newest layouts...

I have found some other challenge blogs so I am working to get caught up with them. Some I have to skip as I need to take specific pictures to go with the theme. But I have managed to do some. The first ones are from this site I have started from the most recent back. The current weeks challenge is what we are thankful for

This was done with a zany zinnia kit and features dreamstreet papers. The title speaks for itself... I am thankful for my boys (andrew in this one's) silliness.
The challenge before that was "The picture tells the story" It was to use a picture that pretty much explains/journals itself...

Again done with the zany zinnia kit which had one WeRMemory keepers paper. The title says it all with the picture -- "The picture tells the story of... LOVE"
The last challenge I did (at this time) from the story matters is "So you think you can ______" In this one I used the Zany zinnia kit again and did the opposite title that I used below. Of course the same picture but instead of follow for my little guy I used so you think you can lead for my big guy.

The next challenge site I used is one Lynette from the message forum on Personal Scrapper had on her blog. The challenge site is and for this one I started from the very beginning and tried to do the ones I could (meaning the ones I had applicable pictures for) I got several done so I feel pretty accomplished. I am finding challenges are really giving me a whole new boost on journaling and take on a picture I would never have thought of on my own. And it is a CHallenge to see if I can get or find a picture to fit the theme. It is way fun! lol

The first one is "You know all those great family events that seem to happen over and over or just any layout where it seems that all you can seem to say is "we had fun"." Here is my take...

The papers are from my stash that I made into my own kit of sorts and I can't think of who it is by but I had to have it because of the black flower paisley the one sheet had.

This next one is not complete as I need to do my letter but I was going to use a transparency and couldn't find them in the un-packing mess but now i think a cream colored paper will look nice. I will update once it is finished. The challenge was Letter to the past -- This journaling challenge should be a lot of fun - your final result will be a layout that provides insight into who you are now, but also who you were "back in the day."

This is about the only picture I have of Alex and I when he was newborn. I regret not getting mroe but I had horrible post parteum and self esteem issues. Anyway I am going to write him a letter about how I said I wanted one more baby before 30 and he was conceived around my 29th birthday etc. I am so glad I found this challenge because it is one of my favorites and I know I wouldn't have done it on my own. I am going to put the letter over the flower side.

The challenge for this week was to journal/make a page (either or both depending on what you have time for) documenting an object that has significant meaning to you and why I chose to do one of our family dog Fudge who is Aaron's most prized living possession. :D

Again Done with that same paper which I think is BoBunny but I am not 100% sure.

The next one I did the one challenge page but finished the pictures up I had for that year's Christmas. The challenge was "What makes up your Christmas." Which I put decorated tree and homemade cookies for santa.

These are all done with the christmas zany zinnia kit. Off hand I do not know which line. She had two different vendors paper in the kit. You can see the kit here

THe next challenge I did was to journal and do a page based on a random memory. This is about what we do as a family on Sunday mornings. I look at the sunday paper (LOVE THE ADS) or do homework and John watches football.

This page finished up the last of the black paisely paper kit.

This another one of my favorites. (though usually there are one or two I am not crazy about but with these challenges I ended up liking all.) The challenge is to use a quote to inspire your journaling. I found the quote on a sticker sheet and thought it worked perfect with the pictures.

This was done with stash papers and items. (gotta love using the stash :D )

The last one is another favorite. It is done with the zany zinnia kit again. The challenge was Scrap A Conversation and I had recently blogged of a conversation on my livejournal that i had with aaron that was very funny and cute. I thought it worked perfect and showed how quirky he can be.

After New years I am going to start saving so I can get my layouts into books. The box I have them in is getting over full. And I have room now to display them so no more excuses for procrastinating!! I just have to figure what kind of binders.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Newest challenges and layouts

So personal scrapper has continued the challenge theme. And I finally last night got a chance to get caught up for the most part.

This one is for Nov 6th which was "You can use up an old kit, the remaining letters off a sticker sheet, a random leftover item from a previous layout...anything old to you." These are all leftover card sayings from my September add-on kit from PS.

This one is from Nov 7th "Scrapbook an old picture - either a heritage one or just one that you have been meaning to scrapbook for some time but haven't gotten around to!" I like the simplicity of this page and the color scheme.

For Nov 8th the challenge was "Use as many brads and/or eyelets/ and or snaps as you can!" I only did five but that seemed like a good amount. This was done with the October Add-on crate paper prudence. I love these colors!

Nov 9th the challenge Circles! I am not sure how well I like this layout but it works

I love this days challenge. Nov 10th "For today lets use a name of a song for your layout title." Again the last few pages done with prudence. I like to use up kits all at the same time. So you will see a lot of repeats of color patterns etc.

Another challenge I really liked the theme of was Nov 11th "Scrap some of the loves in your life." This was done with stash flowers and the last leftover journal card from the first picture posted. Also just like I do all one kit at a time usually I also do multiple photos in different layouts as i have three boys and some pictures go in all three albums or the same picture settings. So you will see this picture done three ways in this post.

There was a challenge for the 12th but I did not complete it. It was handstitching and my needles are still boxed up.

For Nov 13th it was "use at these things on your layout today: stars, buttons and 2 different alphabets" I really like this one and the journaling reads "Without her there would be no me" Since a picture of me and my grandma. I thought that was a very fitting.

I am partial to this day as I am the one who listed the challenge (albeit a day late) Nov 14th Challenge: Do one of those name poems for someone you love or yourself. I did it in the upper courner for BOYS.

For this day Nov 15th Let's scraplift a LO from another PS member I chose this layout from who is another member of personal scrapper. She did several I loved lately but this one I think is my favorite. So this is my humble scraplift attempt and I think it turned out well. It is using papers from another kit site I get occasionally

I hope to get more done today I still have a list of challenges from two other challenge blogs. The Dares and The Story Matters but my house is messy so probably not. :D

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally some new layouts

Some I did before the move and the rest I did Tuesday.

Here is Alex stuck behind out tv trays at our old house.

This is a Walgreens collage of Andrew's birthday party. The pics are specific to Aaron

This one is Summer Fun with alex. Early in the summer I got a chance to run with my boys for literally the first time in a water balloon fight. It was a highlight of the summer.

I found some old photos of Andrew and Aaron and I love these two pics of Aaron playing on the slide at Gray's lake. I think I even remember this day. :D

This one is the Walgreens collage of Alex's Chuck e Cheese pics. I had a lot more of pics of him so this ones do not include the pics of them at grandma's for cupcakes.

This is the collage for Andrew. It was his actual birthday and all these collage pics I used BG paper. I thought it was perfect for birthdays but the layouts didn't turn out as well as I thought they would. I think I made the mistake with the collages. They took up too much space really but since kinda expensive I didn't dare not use them.

This layout is done with scraps around the house. I like it except for the glue I used on the ribbon. Made it too hard. The pic is form the chuck e cheese art kiosk. I love that thing :D

The last one I have right now is a double layout of Aaron with alex when we all got new glasses. We had fun trying them off and I love Aaron's look in his single page picture.

I think I might make some time today to scrapbook if not definatly tomorrow and this weekend.