Thursday, May 28, 2009

Check back soon...

This is the paper I am working on next. It is some older paper from I beleive 2007 but it has to be used up and it is kinda pretty and rustic. :D So like I said check back soon as I am on a roll!

more stash not sure the names

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More layouts...

I am not sure who these papers are by but I got them in a kit from zany zinnia over a year ago.

This one is my favorite of this set. I have always wanted to do a block look but never have. I finally got a fairly decent size punch and have been using it a lot.

Using my stash

I am totally clearing out old kits and stash. These are the pages I did using American Craft paper from a year or two ago.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ok I must admit...

I think I am addicted to scrapping kits and clubs. Somehow I got an email saying new kits were up and ready for a club I don't remember contacting?? That is a little suspect. But I might have found them when searching Google for Lime Rickey kits. And maybe I didn't pay attention. That is all together possible. I don't want to be in another have to get kit club contracted kind of thing but it looks like you can go month to month with them and I am down with that.

I am getting caught up on the kits I have at home so it isn't like they are going to waste BUT it does cost money and it is summer. Sooner or later I need to keep myself in check. I can't afford everything unfortunatly. But I REALLY love lime rickey and with no LSS around me and the fact I don't want to shop for thigns that match I just find kits to be so easy for me and I use so much of the kits up. I went to organize my embellishments I have around and after deciding on storing them in this mini drawer system I have three drawers empty. I really thought I had more! :D But that is proof how much of my kits I use up. I do have a lot (well in my opinion though I have seen other people's spaces that had tons more) of stickers I need/want to use. It is my secondary mission to using the kits themselves. Sometimes I have issues though since the kits are already self embellished. Ah well.. it will all work out. lol

Ok rant over and now off to try and win the lottery!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick awesome update....

First I was on someone's blog and was linked to this blog It is a chance to win a huge stash of goodies and they called it blog candy. All I had to do was link my blog to theirs and I can be in the drawing so I figured why not. :D lol Please check it out... it does look like an awesome sight.

Ok onto more important news as far as just me. My kit club I have been in for a year and half (and have never thought of quiting) had a contest. I might have mentioned it but I am not sure. Anyway it kicked off all the scrapping I have been doing. So it was a contest for a Slice machine -- Here is a picture of it and the description. Description: Making Memories® Slice™ is a portable digital cutting machine that measures less than five inches square and weighs less than 2 pounds. Its simple interface and easy to read graphics window enables users to select from thousands of high-style images and instantly convert them into die-cuts ranging in size from 1/2" to 4" tall. It runs independently on a rechargeable battery or can be plugged in. It has a 2" window to preview shapes before cutting. It will easily cut cardstock, vellum, vinyl and photos up to .5mm thick. Starter Kit- This kit includes 1 machine with power cord adapter, 1 Slice™ design card with its booklet (Basic #1 which includes 3 alphabets, tag, button and geometric shapes, and several full words), a 6"x 6" glass cutting mat with 1/4" printed grid markings, 5 replacement blades with tool, repositionable tacky adhesive with foam brush, and a user manual.
So I kinda felt all along I would win but kept telling myself I want it too much to win. I let the dog out this am at 4:30 then remembered it was drawing day and so got online while I waited for him to do his biz. It was done all neat and by video and it was MY NAME they said. I was in shock that I babbled in the comment section totally!! And I have been up ever since. Crazy Crazy! I can't wait to get it in the mail and play with it. I am UBER excited. :D So excited I had to come on here and tell people who might read my blog :D This is just one example of how cool personal scrapper (found at ) is and the message board is usually pretty busy and the ladies are so nice and supportive.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ok here is the May pages

These are my layouts I did with Personal scrapper's May kit. I loved it and used it in like less then a week. It is Fancy Pants Delights for PP. Awesome!! SOme do not have titles as I need to bust out my cricut but wanted to show just how many pages I got out of this awesome kit. I also feel I am missing one.

I have been scrapbooking like crazy :D

Especially at night after the boys go to bed. With school about over I am not so sure I will get to do it as often. I hope so I am on a mission to get caught up on my kits. :D These are all done with the April Add On for Personal Scrapper. It is Paper Trunk Socialite and was super fun to use!!