Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ok I must admit...

I think I am addicted to scrapping kits and clubs. Somehow I got an email saying new kits were up and ready for a club I don't remember contacting?? That is a little suspect. But I might have found them when searching Google for Lime Rickey kits. And maybe I didn't pay attention. That is all together possible. I don't want to be in another have to get kit club contracted kind of thing but it looks like you can go month to month with them and I am down with that.

I am getting caught up on the kits I have at home so it isn't like they are going to waste BUT it does cost money and it is summer. Sooner or later I need to keep myself in check. I can't afford everything unfortunatly. But I REALLY love lime rickey and with no LSS around me and the fact I don't want to shop for thigns that match I just find kits to be so easy for me and I use so much of the kits up. I went to organize my embellishments I have around and after deciding on storing them in this mini drawer system I have three drawers empty. I really thought I had more! :D But that is proof how much of my kits I use up. I do have a lot (well in my opinion though I have seen other people's spaces that had tons more) of stickers I need/want to use. It is my secondary mission to using the kits themselves. Sometimes I have issues though since the kits are already self embellished. Ah well.. it will all work out. lol

Ok rant over and now off to try and win the lottery!!

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