Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jumping on the bandwagon

But it is hard to to do… I have seen on a couple websites where people picked their top 10 layouts of the year.  I noticed it was easy to pick a few here and there until this last two months.  I liked a lot of what I did so I kind of didn’t really pick any.  So this is my top thirteen before those.  lol  Thank you for letting me indulge myself as I like my style but I am funny in the way I don’t feel good enough for design teams but I would LOVE to be on one.

no 4 09 no 5 09 no 6 09 no 7 09 no 9 09 no 10 09 no 11 09 no 12 09 no 13 09

So there is probably more as some were showcased in a slideshow and I just went back through the months on the blog and picked that way.  I don’t keep them on a hard drive.

I plan on doing a christmas follow up post, lay on the line my scrap resolutions, and my latest layouts.  Oh and I re-did my scrap room and I am loving it.  Like total furniture rehale!  yeah!!  So keep following.  :D

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have several things to speak of and I am feeling a little blue today so I am going to try to do this whine free :D

First I am so excited as sadly I have always wanted to get an award on this blog and FINALLY!  I did.  Though it was more my boobies :D  Please go check out this this blog (as I am at work and don't want to capture it etc)  I have followed Scope and his dear fiance Cora for a few months now thanks to Maggi (I find all the best blogs through there :D) A very floral display of my goodies was taken during my birthday shin-dig so I felt I needed to help the cause.  My mom was diagnoised earlier this year.  I lost my aunt who was like a sister to me 7 years ago (she was only 37) and one more aunt had it.  (there is something about that side of the family 80% of them have had or died form some form of cancer... including the children now (my son and my cousins daughter)  Yeah!! I am so excited.  Plus he is a super sweet guy who told me in my comments but I already knew when I checked my reader.  But thanks for the heads up :D  Check out their blogs too as it is the sweetest love story ever... they met because of blogging.  Go figure! :D

Second I am contemplating my scrap resolutions.  I have them almost figured out and will post later.  I am a planner... kind of nice and kind of annoying :D

Thirdly... I just wanted to throw this in I took this quiz.  It was in reference to Sex and THe City (which I love love love more then any other tv show ever and I love me some tv.)  And this is who I am ...

You're Carrie!

You're fashion forward with a hint of sass. Your quirkiness brings out your unique sense of style. Though you sometimes reject change in your personal life, when it comes to fashion you're always willing to try something new. It's clear: You live for fashion! Your favorite designers are Philip Lim, Jenni Kayne, Matthew Williamson, Heatherette, Rosa Cha, Elie Saab and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Well I thought I had more but it seems the joy of the award has over ran the thoughts of whinyness I had going on as I have forgotten.  lol 

I hope every one had an awesome Christmas.  Photos were kind of lacking but I have some follow up pics I am going to do. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A bit of self promotion

I know I don't update this blog as much as I like.  THe thing is I scrapbook in spurts. OR I get sidetrack with those time consuming games on facebook.  Man are those things addictive!  GAH!  So as far as scrapbooking I have done a few layouts but no pics yet.  I am seriously thinking of trying for the nikki sivils design team.  I am just so scared to not get picked.  I would rather not try then to be rejected.  I know bad attitude but the truth :(  But then again things worth having are worth trying for right?  I should make myself just because I don't like having that kind of bad attitude. 

I am trying a new organizational thing for my papers.  I took most of my kits apart and put the paper in my paper holder box.  (I will take a picture as I it is a neat way to organize papers.)  I just need to put the embellies away.  Sadly a lot of the kits didn't have much embellies and is why I have decided to drop a lot of the kits.  First I have a lot at home and two they just started to not have a lot of variety or very few embellies and I use to be more into paper but am growing into being a embelly hoarder.

Also, I have decided to start a blog just for my musings.  I want to sharpen my writing skills as the older I get the more ideas I get and I want to see if I have a voice to write in an interesting way.  Please check it out as I hope to update it more often then this one as it will be more conversational.  (if that makes sense lol)  Wow am I cool or what! :D 


Friday, December 18, 2009

Layout Update

I was able to get to my scrap room a couple of days this week.  I really like how I am totally use a lot of my stash up.  And the fact that the layouts have turned out (in my opinion) nice.  Maybe a little flat but I have come to the thought that I am a flat scrapper.  (I just learned this term when I saw it used on someone had described themselves this way)   So this week I feel I have proven I can still be “flat” but nice.  Though there is something beautiful and artsy about those very dimensional layouts I wish I could do.  :D

004 005

Total stash layout! This one and the one below!

006 007 008 009

These three layouts above are from SEI paper.  I had two peices and got three layouts and I still have a slice of one left.  I love it as it doesn’t look like I tried to skimp which I didn’t but was frugal for sure about it.  lol  If that makes any sense :D010 Again total stash!  Yeah!!011  013 014

These three above are from the last of my geometrics zany zinnia kit.  I loved this kit!


Again this is an example of how I can take two peices of a line and make several pages.  I think out of two June Bug papers I did four layouts!  I love it.  :D  It makes me feel accomplished!

I hope to get some more done tonight or this weekend :D  I want to start on old christmas to make room for this year.  I hate to get too far behind on years or I get confused on what I have done.  lol

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Please Pray

Update:  Aaron's MRI went well.  He had to have contrast (meaning a shot in the arm/vein) but after realizing there was no getting out of it he did fine.  I don't get how that stuff goes through your body so fast!  I would think  you would have to wait for it to circulate but we didn't.  The dr doesn't need to see him for a year!  Yea!!  BUT the dr is moving to Kansas and they don't know if they will get a replacement?  WHA??  I am not sure if the receptionist was just not very customer service friendly, clueless, or honest to a fault.  It has me worried but I am trying to not worry too much as that is a year away.  As you all now when it comes to kids there is nothing worse then uncertainty.  If it was me... fine... I can deal but what if it comes back and they get no one???  Doesn't make sense.  ANyway thanks for prayers etc. 

For my son and sanity.  As many of you know my middle son Aaron had a brain tumor this summer. (see archive peices here and here)  It was a complete suprise and the same time took all these little pictures (like appitite change and headaches) into the larger picture.  The tumor was so large (scroll down to the bottom for the mri pics here) it was causing a back up of brain/spinal fluid causing the most damage at the time.  Literaly his brian was being squeezed slowly.  It was in that moment this blog turned from a small hobby into a place to share my ordeal and not feel so alone in the world.  It has now been almost 6 months since that ordeal and he is as perfectly recovered as possible.  With any brain surgery there is always brain damage so some small things might come up in the next years but for now he is a regular kid.  He has changed slightly in personality but for the most part the loveable crazy kid I remember before he become flat and muted is back.  The drs say he will never be a tight rope walker as a profession but with his eye issues he won't be a pilot either so we learn to set new goals (if those ever were his goals) 

THe point of my post is today we go for a follow up MRI.  I am fearful.  I wish I wasn't.  I know God spared my child but the devil is there to make me doubt and to remind me those still very raw emotions of the tumor and what he went through.  I never want to go back and the fear we might find something that forces us scares me to much.  So please pray for me like you guys did way back when and helped save my son's life.  Forever I will be thankful for that!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quick Post

Here are the latest layouts I have done.  I made some progress on moving things around BUT not nearly the amount I wanted.  I just would rather be scrapping!

022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 032 033 034 035

The papers are stash, June Bug, and WRMK geo-metric kit from zany zinnia.

Monday, December 7, 2009

So ready…

to be organized in this room!  I swear it NEVER ends.  My last room as literally 5x this size and I finally got it perfect RIGHT before we moved.  Figures right?!!  lol  So Scrapbook deals 4 u is having a small on your own challenge to get the rooms in shape before January 1st.  I am so there!  lol.  Here are my pictures of what it looks like RIGHT NOW…

076 077 

This room is so small.  I really wish it was even a little bit bigger if not a lot!  It really shows how much stuff I have.  It makes it look like too much but then I see others spaces and I think man I don’t have close to that much stuff.  So I will try and post a new picture next Monday to show what progress if any.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I have to share this video

As I am so in LOVE with our new doggy Rocky.  Here is a video from Animal Planet showing how awesome these pups are … my designer dog snippet I was calling him a designer dog as my own term not really knowing that is what they were but then I wonder maybe I did and didn’t remember that I heard it and coined it as my own term.  LOL I hate people that do that but then sometimes we don’t mean too. 

Anyway I digress!  Check it out and Rocky is the all black color one and the larger 30 pounds.  I do wish he was more like 20 lbs BUT it makes him able to play with our huge Golden Retriever lab mix.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Retro Friday

I am on a forever job of organizing my scrap room.  I am at my wits end and it is still not done.  GRRR.  I was switching some things around which had me go through some older layouts.  here is a few I found that i just LOVE. 

017 018 019 020 021 022 023

I was going through a box my mil left at our house and included a jewlery box with pictures so I borrowed them to scan as I did not have of these.  They are of Andrew who was just about to be 2 at the zoo with his cousins.  My what 7 years make.  The first two pictures is of then and the second now. 

andrew zoo 2 andrew zoo 1


Man I miss though days but i must say for my own person I am better now.  Wiser, less self absorbed, and less judgemental.  But more fearful for my boys as they grow older and this country and how crazy teens years or even our economy might be!  Ok I will leave it there …. sorry on a sour note.

Hope all you have a great weekend and God Bless.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lookie at this ...

 Cool website!  I am going to do somekind of scrappy thing with it.  the idea is brewing in my mind :D

Stick Figure Family at
Make your Stick Figure Family at

Check it out!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving re-cap

Disclaimer:  I meant to post this Sunday BUT wanted to get a video of Aaron to make it more fair.  He wasn’t all that interested so I never did and just now got a chance to post this… sorry for my huge delay in blogging and posting this.  I am thinking of doing some auto posts so I can have more consistency.  But we will see :D

Thanksgiving had it’s ups and downs.  Mainly ups for the fact I got to see my best friends in the world.  (I am going to assume I am ok to post their pics on the web but if not please let me know and I will take them off.  And as a disclaimer these pics are for my personal use and are not to be used without my permission.  I can be reached at superchick2006 at gmail dot com. )

I had to go to my hometown to pick my grandma up for the weekend.  First I had Mexican lunch with my friend Missy.  We have been best friends since high school when I was way to critical of myself and very picky in friends.  I never had a high school boyfriend.  Or at least I had a couple for a few hours then I cared too much what others would think of who he was and break up quick.  Looking back I do regret being like that but high school is so much about who and what you are and you don’t have the wisdom to know it is the character that matters not looks or status.  But I digress and could share  a couple stories more but this will be long anyway :D  I will spare you this time.  Our paths have been opposites it is kind of funny.  Like I have three boys she has three girls, my husband is 13 years older then me and hers is several years younger (You go girl!  a puma before her time lol)  Isn’t she cute?  I can’t wait to hang out again.  I must say she is a true friend who has always stuck by me even being apart for a long time she was right there when Aaron was sick and supportive and her being a nurse was comforting even if I didn’t ask her many questions.  But I might have a lot of that time is a blur.


This is me and my best friend forever (lol talking about high school makes me regress to talking like it) She helped me so much when my boys were young (and my husband worked nights and sometimes you need a break with two babies under 2!)  She has changed more diapers then I think I did.  Funny how I would disappear when that duty was needed to be done!  lol  We spent the weekend catching up, shopping, getting our crab on at Joe’s Crab shack and drinking a little too much while hot tubbing at the hotel.  I miss her every day as we moved opposite directions and now have about two states between us and a drive of around ten hours if we wanted to make the whole trip.  This is us inside the hotel and then the hotel itself.  We had the bottom corner room which was perfect and we got it on hotwire for HALF! the price. 

012 016

So I have decided to do a mini book of thanksgiving through New Years.  I am taking at least one picture a day and here are the pictures so far I think I will use.

009 001 008 013 023

The pictures are of the turkey being brined for smoking thanksgiving eve, The turkey on thanksgiving day fully smoked (it was awesome!), our great find black friday a 20.00 shop vac that was originally 100!  and if we had been 5 minutes later would not have gotten it! timing is everything) Saturday’s is not there as it is on my cell and is of me traveling back home from taking my grandma back home Friday.  We are thinking of adopting this little guy he is a pug and we think lab mix (though the logistics on how that happened is kind of mind boggling lol) I am not sure if he will fully adopt as he seems to pee when him and Fudge (our retriever lab mix) play a lot.  I am tired of picking and spraying the carpet and floor.  I am not sure how this can be broken as more of a nervous thing and is in long streams??/  And today our little guy and Fudge.  He always looks scared but really is treated like royalty here with ice in his water thanks to my hubby :D

I want to leave with a few videos again. 

BTW these might look like the same video they are not!

Update:  so I wanted to keep the above true to my original thoughts.  We have actually adopted Blackie (who we renamed Rocky) and though he has issues going outside it we are chalking it up to him living in the shelter and giving him time as it is not constant all the time.  He also is sick due to a UTI so that is not his fault either.  He is so precious and loving.  Turns out he is a puggle which is a very expensive dog!  The vet is the one who realized he is pug and beagle mix.  And since the shelter didn’t know what he was mixed at we only paid the mutt price.  I saw online at a puggle shelter they wanted 200!  otherwise some from breeders go for 750.  We didn’t realize he was a puggle (which I had heard about before but it never dawned on me) until andrew had cub scouts and the cubmaster has a pug and stated she actually wants a puggle but that they are pricey!  Go figure.  In fact earlier andrew and I were joking that he is a bug!  duh it is a real thing.  One of those designer dogs. 

So I will go ahead and post this and look for a more scrappy update tomorrow.  :D