Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have several things to speak of and I am feeling a little blue today so I am going to try to do this whine free :D

First I am so excited as sadly I have always wanted to get an award on this blog and FINALLY!  I did.  Though it was more my boobies :D  Please go check out this this blog (as I am at work and don't want to capture it etc)  I have followed Scope and his dear fiance Cora for a few months now thanks to Maggi (I find all the best blogs through there :D) A very floral display of my goodies was taken during my birthday shin-dig so I felt I needed to help the cause.  My mom was diagnoised earlier this year.  I lost my aunt who was like a sister to me 7 years ago (she was only 37) and one more aunt had it.  (there is something about that side of the family 80% of them have had or died form some form of cancer... including the children now (my son and my cousins daughter)  Yeah!! I am so excited.  Plus he is a super sweet guy who told me in my comments but I already knew when I checked my reader.  But thanks for the heads up :D  Check out their blogs too as it is the sweetest love story ever... they met because of blogging.  Go figure! :D

Second I am contemplating my scrap resolutions.  I have them almost figured out and will post later.  I am a planner... kind of nice and kind of annoying :D

Thirdly... I just wanted to throw this in I took this quiz.  It was in reference to Sex and THe City (which I love love love more then any other tv show ever and I love me some tv.)  And this is who I am ...

You're Carrie!

You're fashion forward with a hint of sass. Your quirkiness brings out your unique sense of style. Though you sometimes reject change in your personal life, when it comes to fashion you're always willing to try something new. It's clear: You live for fashion! Your favorite designers are Philip Lim, Jenni Kayne, Matthew Williamson, Heatherette, Rosa Cha, Elie Saab and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Well I thought I had more but it seems the joy of the award has over ran the thoughts of whinyness I had going on as I have forgotten.  lol 

I hope every one had an awesome Christmas.  Photos were kind of lacking but I have some follow up pics I am going to do. 

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Clair said...

Congratulations on the blog award x