Friday, December 18, 2009

Layout Update

I was able to get to my scrap room a couple of days this week.  I really like how I am totally use a lot of my stash up.  And the fact that the layouts have turned out (in my opinion) nice.  Maybe a little flat but I have come to the thought that I am a flat scrapper.  (I just learned this term when I saw it used on someone had described themselves this way)   So this week I feel I have proven I can still be “flat” but nice.  Though there is something beautiful and artsy about those very dimensional layouts I wish I could do.  :D

004 005

Total stash layout! This one and the one below!

006 007 008 009

These three layouts above are from SEI paper.  I had two peices and got three layouts and I still have a slice of one left.  I love it as it doesn’t look like I tried to skimp which I didn’t but was frugal for sure about it.  lol  If that makes any sense :D010 Again total stash!  Yeah!!011  013 014

These three above are from the last of my geometrics zany zinnia kit.  I loved this kit!


Again this is an example of how I can take two peices of a line and make several pages.  I think out of two June Bug papers I did four layouts!  I love it.  :D  It makes me feel accomplished!

I hope to get some more done tonight or this weekend :D  I want to start on old christmas to make room for this year.  I hate to get too far behind on years or I get confused on what I have done.  lol


Maggi said...

Beautiful work!

nomorelittlemonkeys said...

Great job using up your stash!! I wish I could make a dent in mine! I love how many layouts you are able to get with your product. Awesome!