Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving re-cap

Disclaimer:  I meant to post this Sunday BUT wanted to get a video of Aaron to make it more fair.  He wasn’t all that interested so I never did and just now got a chance to post this… sorry for my huge delay in blogging and posting this.  I am thinking of doing some auto posts so I can have more consistency.  But we will see :D

Thanksgiving had it’s ups and downs.  Mainly ups for the fact I got to see my best friends in the world.  (I am going to assume I am ok to post their pics on the web but if not please let me know and I will take them off.  And as a disclaimer these pics are for my personal use and are not to be used without my permission.  I can be reached at superchick2006 at gmail dot com. )

I had to go to my hometown to pick my grandma up for the weekend.  First I had Mexican lunch with my friend Missy.  We have been best friends since high school when I was way to critical of myself and very picky in friends.  I never had a high school boyfriend.  Or at least I had a couple for a few hours then I cared too much what others would think of who he was and break up quick.  Looking back I do regret being like that but high school is so much about who and what you are and you don’t have the wisdom to know it is the character that matters not looks or status.  But I digress and could share  a couple stories more but this will be long anyway :D  I will spare you this time.  Our paths have been opposites it is kind of funny.  Like I have three boys she has three girls, my husband is 13 years older then me and hers is several years younger (You go girl!  a puma before her time lol)  Isn’t she cute?  I can’t wait to hang out again.  I must say she is a true friend who has always stuck by me even being apart for a long time she was right there when Aaron was sick and supportive and her being a nurse was comforting even if I didn’t ask her many questions.  But I might have a lot of that time is a blur.


This is me and my best friend forever (lol talking about high school makes me regress to talking like it) She helped me so much when my boys were young (and my husband worked nights and sometimes you need a break with two babies under 2!)  She has changed more diapers then I think I did.  Funny how I would disappear when that duty was needed to be done!  lol  We spent the weekend catching up, shopping, getting our crab on at Joe’s Crab shack and drinking a little too much while hot tubbing at the hotel.  I miss her every day as we moved opposite directions and now have about two states between us and a drive of around ten hours if we wanted to make the whole trip.  This is us inside the hotel and then the hotel itself.  We had the bottom corner room which was perfect and we got it on hotwire for HALF! the price. 

012 016

So I have decided to do a mini book of thanksgiving through New Years.  I am taking at least one picture a day and here are the pictures so far I think I will use.

009 001 008 013 023

The pictures are of the turkey being brined for smoking thanksgiving eve, The turkey on thanksgiving day fully smoked (it was awesome!), our great find black friday a 20.00 shop vac that was originally 100!  and if we had been 5 minutes later would not have gotten it! timing is everything) Saturday’s is not there as it is on my cell and is of me traveling back home from taking my grandma back home Friday.  We are thinking of adopting this little guy he is a pug and we think lab mix (though the logistics on how that happened is kind of mind boggling lol) I am not sure if he will fully adopt as he seems to pee when him and Fudge (our retriever lab mix) play a lot.  I am tired of picking and spraying the carpet and floor.  I am not sure how this can be broken as more of a nervous thing and is in long streams??/  And today our little guy and Fudge.  He always looks scared but really is treated like royalty here with ice in his water thanks to my hubby :D

I want to leave with a few videos again. 

BTW these might look like the same video they are not!

Update:  so I wanted to keep the above true to my original thoughts.  We have actually adopted Blackie (who we renamed Rocky) and though he has issues going outside it we are chalking it up to him living in the shelter and giving him time as it is not constant all the time.  He also is sick due to a UTI so that is not his fault either.  He is so precious and loving.  Turns out he is a puggle which is a very expensive dog!  The vet is the one who realized he is pug and beagle mix.  And since the shelter didn’t know what he was mixed at we only paid the mutt price.  I saw online at a puggle shelter they wanted 200!  otherwise some from breeders go for 750.  We didn’t realize he was a puggle (which I had heard about before but it never dawned on me) until andrew had cub scouts and the cubmaster has a pug and stated she actually wants a puggle but that they are pricey!  Go figure.  In fact earlier andrew and I were joking that he is a bug!  duh it is a real thing.  One of those designer dogs. 

So I will go ahead and post this and look for a more scrappy update tomorrow.  :D

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