Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A bit of self promotion

I know I don't update this blog as much as I like.  THe thing is I scrapbook in spurts. OR I get sidetrack with those time consuming games on facebook.  Man are those things addictive!  GAH!  So as far as scrapbooking I have done a few layouts but no pics yet.  I am seriously thinking of trying for the nikki sivils design team.  I am just so scared to not get picked.  I would rather not try then to be rejected.  I know bad attitude but the truth :(  But then again things worth having are worth trying for right?  I should make myself just because I don't like having that kind of bad attitude. 

I am trying a new organizational thing for my papers.  I took most of my kits apart and put the paper in my paper holder box.  (I will take a picture as I it is a neat way to organize papers.)  I just need to put the embellies away.  Sadly a lot of the kits didn't have much embellies and is why I have decided to drop a lot of the kits.  First I have a lot at home and two they just started to not have a lot of variety or very few embellies and I use to be more into paper but am growing into being a embelly hoarder.

Also, I have decided to start a blog just for my musings.  I want to sharpen my writing skills as the older I get the more ideas I get and I want to see if I have a voice to write in an interesting way.  Please check it out as I hope to update it more often then this one as it will be more conversational.  (if that makes sense lol)  Wow am I cool or what! :D 


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Scope said...

Angela - Got a little award for you over at my place today.