Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jumping on the bandwagon

But it is hard to to do… I have seen on a couple websites where people picked their top 10 layouts of the year.  I noticed it was easy to pick a few here and there until this last two months.  I liked a lot of what I did so I kind of didn’t really pick any.  So this is my top thirteen before those.  lol  Thank you for letting me indulge myself as I like my style but I am funny in the way I don’t feel good enough for design teams but I would LOVE to be on one.

no 4 09 no 5 09 no 6 09 no 7 09 no 9 09 no 10 09 no 11 09 no 12 09 no 13 09

So there is probably more as some were showcased in a slideshow and I just went back through the months on the blog and picked that way.  I don’t keep them on a hard drive.

I plan on doing a christmas follow up post, lay on the line my scrap resolutions, and my latest layouts.  Oh and I re-did my scrap room and I am loving it.  Like total furniture rehale!  yeah!!  So keep following.  :D

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