Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Please Pray

Update:  Aaron's MRI went well.  He had to have contrast (meaning a shot in the arm/vein) but after realizing there was no getting out of it he did fine.  I don't get how that stuff goes through your body so fast!  I would think  you would have to wait for it to circulate but we didn't.  The dr doesn't need to see him for a year!  Yea!!  BUT the dr is moving to Kansas and they don't know if they will get a replacement?  WHA??  I am not sure if the receptionist was just not very customer service friendly, clueless, or honest to a fault.  It has me worried but I am trying to not worry too much as that is a year away.  As you all now when it comes to kids there is nothing worse then uncertainty.  If it was me... fine... I can deal but what if it comes back and they get no one???  Doesn't make sense.  ANyway thanks for prayers etc. 

For my son and sanity.  As many of you know my middle son Aaron had a brain tumor this summer. (see archive peices here and here)  It was a complete suprise and the same time took all these little pictures (like appitite change and headaches) into the larger picture.  The tumor was so large (scroll down to the bottom for the mri pics here) it was causing a back up of brain/spinal fluid causing the most damage at the time.  Literaly his brian was being squeezed slowly.  It was in that moment this blog turned from a small hobby into a place to share my ordeal and not feel so alone in the world.  It has now been almost 6 months since that ordeal and he is as perfectly recovered as possible.  With any brain surgery there is always brain damage so some small things might come up in the next years but for now he is a regular kid.  He has changed slightly in personality but for the most part the loveable crazy kid I remember before he become flat and muted is back.  The drs say he will never be a tight rope walker as a profession but with his eye issues he won't be a pilot either so we learn to set new goals (if those ever were his goals) 

THe point of my post is today we go for a follow up MRI.  I am fearful.  I wish I wasn't.  I know God spared my child but the devil is there to make me doubt and to remind me those still very raw emotions of the tumor and what he went through.  I never want to go back and the fear we might find something that forces us scares me to much.  So please pray for me like you guys did way back when and helped save my son's life.  Forever I will be thankful for that!


nomorelittlemonkeys said...

I'm so happy the MRI went well! That's wonderful he doesn't have to be seen for another year. You can find another doctor in that time! I know it's scary, but you will find one!

American History said...

your prayer request touched us. We are praying for you. We found this site helpful Check it; maybe it gives you a relief. God bless you.