Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ok Finally,

I have time to do a post.  Isn’t it funny how life just speeds by when you sometimes wish it would stand still?

I want to finish some old business before moving on to new :D  Here are the mediocre layouts I did.  They are not awesome but I do like them.  025

This one was from a page kit they gave us to work with.  I just didn’t have the size they wanted in the sketch so I improvised.


This is of me after I lost about 75 lbs.  I had friends over and I tried on one of my friends corsets.  I do like this layout but it is not a favorite.  The bird is from grungeboard and is painted with shimmer stuff (dern it I can’t remember the brand)  It is really shiny in better light.

030 032 033

This one will have a title but my slice was running out of juice and it as late in the night to worry about it.  It will be “Andrew’s Many Faces”014

I wanted to document the date 09/09/09 because it is fairly unique though i guess we have been having a 1-1-1 etc but I wasn’t so self aware then.  lol  So I decided to take a picture of what I was doing most of that day, which was driving.  015

I am thinking to add the letter I to the title to say I miss you or maybe We and maybe an arrow.  I just am not sure.  I love this picture as it is a rare one I have of my grandfather before he passed away suddenly.

017 018 I am going to add the title Mother but I am thinking of using chipboard and some twinkling H2O which I didn’t bring to the crop so it is on my list of one of these day items.  Most likely when I finally go to put it in an actual album.


I do like this one as it is (to me) a good example how you can use more traditional girl colors in a boy layout without it seeming out of place.  (again just my opinion :D  )

And here are the ones I really love that I did.  031

I love all but the playing in the title but now I am not sure how to fix it.


I loved this paper it just made it easy to do a simple layout.  And the flower is homemade and even nicer in person.023

Again just a fun simple but lovely layout.  Though I could have done better on the journaling.  I just hate my writing.024

This was a page we got and was shown how to use it but again I had to do my own thing.  I actually like this paper but could not have tolerated using a whole kit of them.  I am glad I did not purchase a kit I saw with this paper as I just don’t do well with animated papers like owls etc.  I can if I have too.


I loved working with these papers which was form the April ps kit.  I also love this layout because of the theme.  It was a challenge to do a layout when you are 100.  So this is a picture of before I was married and I think probably 20 or maybe just 21.  I wrote things like still read smutty books and dance etc.


I love this picture in general.  What a beautiful baby :D  This is my youngest and when I re-saw these pictures it made my biological clock tick slightly again.  I wish I could make time stand still sometimes.  This was probably my favorite sheet of the paper mainly as I love red and the the white scrolling was a perfect accent. 

I wanted to finish this post with pictures we were sent of our son’s CT scan and MRI.  Just a couple.  At first I wasn’t going to publish them because it is personal to him but I have shown a few people and he has not been upset by this and in fact will also talk to them about it.  So I decided to do this because I know most of you (if not all) who do look and follow my blog did pray for my son and I want to show how dire the situation and how much of a miracle he just is. 

ct scan

This is the original CT scan that shows the tumor.  It is the lighter grayer “hole”  The darker areas are not suppose to be there area but show where the brain fluid was backing up.  It was filling in any area it could and what made it all an emergency as it was running out of room quick.

aaron mri horizontal


This is the MRI scan.  Which is a horizontal view of his skull/brain.  As you can tell you can see his optic area/sinus areas, and ear canals.  It is primarily on the right side which is why he is having left side issues still.  He was left handed typically but he could use both so it isn’t a huge shock for him to use his right hand only now.  We are suppose to make him use is left but anyone with children knows it is hard to make them consistently do anything.

mri vertical

This would be a vertical view of the tumor.  See how clear it is you can see the lines in the brain matter.  It freaks me out that this is the inside of my child.  (does that make me too weird?)  If you can see the tumor was pushing his cerebellum into the spinal column so they had to surgically move some of the vertebrae up to make a shelf and keep the brain from wanting to go back in that groove.  Once you body knows it can do something it wants too.  And it was loosing space and had no where to go so down it went.  Another reason it was hard to tell he had it as his body was accommodating the tumor until it got to be too much.

mri after

This is an after MRI where you can see (if you look closely the brighter color in the back of the skull) where they cut him to take it out and some of the mushed brain matter that they cut and moved up.  The holes are receding where the brain fluid was backed up (the shunt was still in for good measure at this time.)  I think it shows a little of the atrophy he will have.  But you can see it is gone from the brain.  YEAH!!  :D 


Maggi said...

Wow girl, I need to get you to scrap my pics, I'm so behind! lol

Thanks for sharing your son's story with us!

Lisa J. said...

WOW Angela this is amazing. I have to read CT's and MRI's for my job. I am no pro but you can really appreciate this. I have to say that someone was looking after your son. You are a strong, courageous woman! Thanks for keeping us up to date on your son!

Angela said...

Thanks ladies. I didn't realize how large it really was until I saw the MRI again. In the moment I don't think I wanted to realize :D

laterg8r said...

so glad your son is OK!

my fave lo is the first one - great lo's :D