Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So I did some research

and you can put the crackle paint on the grungeboard so I am totally trying that out soon.

I was going to start posting my layouts but my SD card is in a bag somewhere.  I hate it at the end of a crop and nothing is put back where it should be.  So I am stuck with just one picture today.  I made the mistake of going back and looking for a specific product they didn’t have (even though I emailed and they said they would ) and found some alpha’s I wanted.  I very very rarely buy alphas not in a kit because you rarely use a lot of the letters.  I do my best but I hate all the numbers etc.  that I can never think of a creative way to use.  scrapbooking 003

All this came to a smidgen under 15.00 so that was cool.  I went over my budget since I went back but I am thinking it is worth it.  I have already used a sticker from the Dad sheet you see there. 

I also was lucky enough to get my name drawn for a free gift from Partylite and it is gorgeous…. not just some cheapo thing you sometimes think you might get from drawings but really nice.  I just have to remember where I put some partylite candles I have somewhere from a long time ago.  003

So the rest of the day went ok.  The food was decent.  It is just kinda sad for me as last time was so awesome and this time was just meh… even with winning.  At least it had a couple awesome highlights.  I know for sure I am not going to the January one as the weather could be bad and then my money is a waste.  I kind of feel I don’t want to go again but I think I was just wanting it to work out so aweseome that I let the little thing get to me which is silly.  So I probably will go in the spring.  That will leave enough time for my crankiness about it to wear off.  It is just I did exactly what I did at home minus the loss in my pocketbook.  :D  So we will see. 

Oh and one more awesome note is I talked to Nikki a couple more times throughout the night and at one point I thought she was leaving for the day and just to be nice was going to say bye to me.  Well she actually asked me what paper’s I was wanting purchase that they didn’t have.  I told her the Henry’s Brilliance line which is a school paper line.  So she gave me what she had with her which was about five or six sheets!!!  I mean she TOTALLY didn’t have to do that!  How generous and kind.  Sometimes you hate to meet people you kind of idolize because they are disappointing and all too human but she was just a regular gal who is proud of her work and is super nice but not in a forced way.  You can tell she has always been that way and not just for PR.  As soon as my room is back in order I am going to bust these out and show you all how perfect the papers are.  I have even tried to get LPS to showcase them when the owner Von asks us for input in lines we may want.  :D  That is how much of a fan I was before can you imagine how much more I am now!!

I think here shortly I am going downstairs to get my room in order again.  I kind of made a mess on both sides of the room trying to find some items i needed for the crop.  Also I need to put away my crop items which are not organized int he bags like they were when I got there.  Funny how anytime you pack even for vacation your suitcase never is as perfect as when you originally left. 

Ok so tomorrow I should be able to start actually showing you my layouts I did.  I can’t believe I managed 20 which was two an hour when you take away eating and shopping.  Not too bad.  I think I could have done more but I was in a funk.  Most I like and think turned out well at least.  oh and I did want to highlight the movies I watched.  I finished The House that Preys.  It was ok.  Sunshine Cleaning was decent but pretty disappointing.  I just was kind of anti-climatic in a lot of ways for me.  I do love Alan Arkin who was in it though.  Then I love you Man.  It was decent.  Then finished the night with season six of Sex and the Season.  I watched about four or five episodes.  They NEVER get old!! 


Maggi said...

How neat that she gave you that paper! She sounds very cool!

laterg8r said...

wow, 2 layouts an hour, i've never done that WTG :D