Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a little ramblings

Last week I managed two layouts.  One was for cramfest through scrapbookdeals4u that I never got around to submitting.  I just know it wouldn’t have won as it is fairly simple but I do love it.  It is using Nikki Sivils Henry’s Brilliance line. 


It was to use two pictures three papers and one chipboard element. 

The alternative kit at LPS was some Prima Rebellious papers.  I paired them in another simple layout of when my oldest and I went to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. 002

Sorry it is blurry I didn’t realize it until now.  I found the cutest in with my oldest son’s school work.  This is what he wrote for Constitution day.


This is the funniest thing to me as we are not really into those things.  I think it is awesome if you are but we just are not.  So I have no idea where it came from?  And it is just so serious.  Thankfully we live at the beginning of the south so this didn’t raise any red flags at school!  :D

And here is my oldest and youngest goofing around tonight.  It has inspired me to do a see, hear, speak no evil picture of the three boys soon.

017 014 015 016

Do any of you get in these moods where you want to do your hobbies or housework etc but just get side track by doing nothing?  I do want to go downstairs to my scrap room but this is premiere week for tv and have been watching a lot of new tv shows to see which ones have potential.  Castle was back yesterday.  (I LOVE me some Nathan Fillion!)  And today I watched the forgotten which had way potential and the Good Wife mainly due to Chris Noth but apparently he is only guest spotting and not permanent so not sure how much longer I am hanging on as it was alright but kind of stale on the emotions of being humiliated like the politicians wives are when there is a scandal (or I am sure any wife really public nation wide or in your own home town wide).  Tomorrow is Eastwick which I have high hopes for, Cougar Town, and I think Modern Family which again I have high hopes for.  I am loving my usual like Bones and Fringe of course and I can’t wait for CSI LV and NY to be back on.  I was all excited by Vampire Diaries that I even made it second on my 9/11 post now I wish I had left it for another day as it is turning into some teen dude for me.  I think I am just to old to be into anything CW related.  I use to love smallville too but I just can’t get into it anymore.  I hate getting old.  lol  Then again I might get into five years later as I am just now getting into Buffy on Hulu! 


Maggi said...

Love your layouts! I've been into the TV a lot lately too, The Office is back! Community was funny, my boys at Supernatural are back! (Yum lol) The Big Bang Theory...

So yeah, not much getting done on my end either, lol.

laterg8r said...

omg - that comment about why your son loves freedom just cracked me up - too cute :D