Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a whole bunch of stuff

I think I will first start off with my personal challenge I have given myself.  I actually saw on this blog from Amy in KY. How she last month did every single August page maps sketch.  I that was way cool so I have challenged myself to do it also.  So far I have done two. 



I personally think both turned out well.  And I used the scrapbookdeals4u kit I mentioned in a previous kit.  I love this romantic papers and I don’t get them very much with three boys but sometimes you just have to.  :D

So I think I mentioned I found some half done layouts (a whole tub of them) and I tried to finish them but got kinda bored and uninspired.  I hope to find my mojo or maybe just slowly work at them to get them done.  Most just need titles and well sometimes I have no inspiration.  Here is a slide of them all as I didn’t want to force you to look at them all if you didn’t want too.  Several of them I totally LOVE and was going to post those separate then realized I LOVE half of them enough to say I LOVE them.  So I figured ah well let it be up to the beholder.  :D

I have stated before I am going to an all day crop and I am determined to be more organized and only bring what I think is essentials.  So first I saw on you tube how someone suggested a tackle box.  I have one that I use to keep my make up in but I decided I needed it more for scrapbooking just in general.  I also decided to finally use full time one of those hold all things (see picture below) and so far I am liking it.

027 028


I keep in the tote my immediate things I use often and in the tackle box things that I may use like punches but not consistent.  Then I went to Pier 1 as I have never been there and found some awesome mugs for 2.48 AND this beach bag for only 3.98!! It is huge and deep and I figured perfect to carry my kits to the crop.  That leaves lastly my cropper thing with wheels.  So in theory I shouldn’t have a lot to drag around.  Cross your fingers!  lol. 


Lastly, at the message boards at personal scrapper Janine (see link to her blog here she is giving away a RAK until Friday) asked us to show our first layout ever if we remembered.  So today I went looking and found it.  I had went to a creative memories party back sometime in 2000 and did this layout.  I was hooked after that.  Though I did take a large break with two very young toddler in the house and no room or money to really scrap with. 


Baby… have I come a long way.  And also the embellishments are way more high falootin now! 


AmyInKy said...

Good luck with the PageMaps sketches. I have three completed with the new Sept. sketches so far.
It looks like you are going to be prepared for your crop - hope it's productive.
Love the first old CM style one is similar. We have come a long way, huh?

laterg8r said...

love that your first LO is creative memories style - so is mine - we've all come a long way but it is still a hoot to look at our first pages!

good luck with all the page maps :D

Maggi said...

Love your take on the sketches and your scrap tackle books!