Monday, August 31, 2009

New rule! ... swear not really a whine (scouts honor)

Ok I am setting a new rule for me. No more deadline contests. I just can't complete them. I told you a few weeks ago I was joining the LPS big scrapper house contest. Well I posted my layout too late on saturday and was eliminated. Total Bummer and Hey rules are rules (sniff sniff lol) I just didn't realize the rules were that strict. (aren't people like me annoying!?) I swear in my time it was only a half hour late but they may have been using their time which I should have been mindful of. Anyway at least I got a page done in general (I will post it later the pic is just not on this computer here) and it was fun while it lasted. I think I got too involved watching Picket Fences on Hulu. I forgot how much I LOVED that show. Ok so my point is this is just a string of contest I have joined and totally bailed and not stuck with! I did win that slice but it was a long loose deadline which works better for me really. This is also why I stopped signing up for swaps and gift giving I am just TOO much of a flake to stick with it and no one likes that person when they are waiting on their goodies!

Ok so while I am on here (and I suppose I should stop whining and just move on to some light pouting for being a loser! lol) I wanted to post the description of the all day crop I will be attending soon. (Be forwarned this is all I will probably talk about for the next two weeks! I am more then excited!)

Saturday, September 12: "Scrap-a-Palooza" mega-crop for 200 at Remington's event center, includes meals, snacks, drinks, free classes, demos by Allison Davis, $25 goodie bag, and more! Register for classes at SG or on our website. Event fee is $43.

I have to confess I really am not sure what the big deal about Allison Davis is but she is very nice and knowledgeable. Last one I went to (which was my first) I also met Nikki Sivils (would link better but not using windows live right now.. grrr) who just started and has awesome paper themes and patterns. I am saving up money to get some at the crop. So this is no small town mega crop!

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AmyInKy said...

I am a fan of Allison Davis' work. I really like her clean style and multi-photo 2-page LOs. Enjoy your crop!