Monday, August 3, 2009

More Good News

My Son's shunt has come out. YAY! So now he is in a regular room and rumor has it if he can make it with some help to the playroom and play he should be able to go home tomorrow. I am both happy and scared at that prospect. At least here he has the comfort of educated care. At home it is just us. Who are ignorant of what is normal or not. But then I think God will see us through and I think they say people do a lot better at recovering in their own home anyway.

Back to scrapping news. I plan on making homemade thank you's for family and hospital to mail out. This will be really the first time making cards so I am looking forward to that.

So far my list is the oncologist Dr Loew. The floor staff on 7E, The neurosurgeon Dr Egbas and his associates, Missy, Sara, Candee, Church family, Grandpa and grandma, Great grandma, and Rae. I probably will need to add to this list sooner or later. :D

I will end with some cell pictures (sorry not so good)

Aaron last Thursday before removing tumor surgery but after the shunt.

Aaron recovering in Non ICU room with his brothers.
John relaxing because after the emergency is relatively over you are on hospital time. :D (not complaining just saying.. this hospital has been wonderful to us!)
This is me on my laptop trying to fill the time.
Here is a pic of the boys playing at the Ronald McDonald house. They have been so good to us and a HUGE help!

I wanted to say one more time I can't think you all enough in your prayers. Aaron is a miracle. Also thanks for the comments I read every one and really appreciate the time you ladies take to comment.

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laterg8r said...

so glad he is doing well :) ronald mcdonald house is wonderful, so glad they helped you out :)