Monday, August 17, 2009

I’ve been a bad blogger!

But I think I have a good reason.  My son Aaron came home officially on Thursday!!!  He is doing amazingly well.  We got home late as we stopped up at St Louis Mo to see my SIL and pick up our fixed computer.  *Thanks Tony!*  Then I went to work Friday and when I got there my Pastor/boss handed me this.


It is awesome.  The rehab doctor had told us more then once to get a wii fit to help with Aaron’s coordination and balance. 

While we were in Columbia on Wednesday (the other boys and me went down a day early) it was my anniversary (9 years!  whoo hoo!) and we went shopping we went to Bass Pro Shop and DH

Zoom® Soft Plastic Bait - Salty Centipede - Smokin' Blueand I got Estée Lauder Sensuous

I love how it smells.  I got the gift box which also had a mini travel spray tube and lotion.  It was a bit pricey for me but you have to splurge sometimes.  And it is a perfect anniversary present.  It came with some free gifts of lip gloss, masacara etc.  So that made it even more of a gift. 

I would tell you more about the fishing warms BUT I don’t really fish so…..

I also tried on of these.  It was an almond milk tea.  I liked it but didn’t drink much the first day as I can’t have a lot of sugar so she put very little in.  The next day I put splenda in it and it was awesome.  :D  Also made a good creamer for my coffee. 


The boys enjoyed these…. Dippin dots. 

040 041 042

The next morning the boys played together at the rehab before being discharged.

045 051

So this weekend we played a lot of wii, caught up on a lot of laundry, and went to my folks house were we played more wii.  Here is the older boys playing wii. 


Here is a close up of Aaron’s larger scar in the back. 


So it was an enjoyable weekend and he is being fairly independent and asked when he could run again.  He said his legs are weak when he tries.  I told him that is why he still needs his physical therapy and doing things on the wii. 

In closing I did manage some scrapping.  I started our thank you cards


And I found these most awesome chocolate covered cashews for only a dollar at our local dollar store.  Unfortunately I ate the whole can in one day which is over 1000 calories. SO I can not buy them ever again.  But they were awesome! (Did I mention that?!)  And a bargain!  lol



laterg8r said...

love that you ate the nuts all in one day LOL

glad your son is on the road to recovery and home with you all. :)

Maggi said...

Your thank you cards are so cute! Glad that Aaron is home and I bet he is loving the Wii!