Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Update ** for those who I know from a couple message boards this is a repeat

We had a real minor set back but I am taking it really hard. We had a choice of going home and doing outpatient rehab or doing a concentrated two weeks and have him better sooner. The Catch to the second choice is it will still be in Columbia which is an hour and half away from our home town. The thing is the doctor gave us a choice but not really. And I think I would have brought him home but my husband is right. It is better to dot he rehab quicker and get him able to walk, talk (I guess they think his speech is slow but I thought it was due to the surgery and not moving, talking for three days much) and function in time for school. It makes me sad as I feel bad for him. And how do you explain it to a child. He didn't cry or anything he just accepts it.

I know most of you would like a choice but I hate it. especially when it was a non-choice as the dr made it sound like all would be fine for us to take him home THEN started to back track how hard it would be and how it would hold him back. Well I don't want to hold him back. But I do want him to feel "normal" again. Bluck.

I am also not ready to be in a different city then him so I am taking the first shift at the rehab center. We are not there yet as the insurance has to approve it but should go tomorrow. The kind of insurance i have they don't see a problem. Kinda stinks we had to wait all day otherwise we could be there already. Really I know it is for the best though I think I could have done it but with my husband being hesitant and IF something did happen I couldn't handle the guilt it is a better choice all the way around.

Sorry I am babbling like I said it is so heartwrenching and sad to me. Though I keep telling myself to put it in perspective so far they don't think he will need radiation or chemo (I am waiting for the official report before I say for sure) He should/will make a full recovery and this will make him stronger in every way.

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laterg8r said...

what a hard choice to make - i hope he's home with you soon :) (((HUGS)))