Saturday, August 22, 2009

Killing those kits!

I pretty much buy all my scrap supplies as kits. I just don’t have a LSS around. And it saves me time and keeps me in somewhat of a budget. So I love it when I kill off a kit. These are my latest layouts and all done with one of my older kits. It was only four pieces of patterned paper and four colored cardstock and I got all these layouts from it. The first one of my middle son I am going to re-do the title and make it look better. That is what I get for staying up too late and “just wanting to finish killing this kit! lol
013 006 007 008 009 010 011 012

In general news we found an awesome local beach which we enjoyed two days in a row due to the exceptional weather we have had. Aaron wasn’t allowed to get in too deep but at least he could sit and walk in it. It has to be hard to not be allowed/able to do things. And at least it was SOMETHING! :D

014 016 017021 030032 047 080092 075078 056058 055

Sorry so many I just couldn’t decide. These are the ones I couldn’t resist. lol  Oh and I want to share the latest picture of Aaron’s scar in case anyone is curious.  If so don’t look below!



laterg8r said...

i like the mom bandaid lo - great pic :D

glad you got out to enjoy the summer :D

Maggi said...

I love the mom lo, you are the queen of killing kits! I so need to take inspiration from you! lol Love the beach pics, how fun!

Joy-N-Jesus said...

Great job with those Layouts and great pictures! Wow! That is a crazy scar. I love the " I am a mommy" lay out!

nomorelittlemonkeys said...

I love your photos! That one of his scar is really scary, but I bet his hair covers most of it, and will be almost invisible later. Great job killing that kit, you inspire me to do the same!!