Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As you may or may not know...

I like to do those silly facebook quizzes from time to time. A lot of them are rubbish but sometimes you get a couple that are insightful. I took two today and both I think are very true to my personality. I thought I would share as many times in blogs we are sharing a 2-d you and
I want to be 3-D. :D Yes I am drama lol

Angela completed the quiz "Personality Analysis: What is Your Most Dominant Trait?" with the result Spirited/Expressive.

The persuader. You are a natural motivator and communicator. You are also very competitive. You can sway peoples emotions by the way you talk. You have a very warm and enthusiastic personality. When talking about something, you tend to exaggerate, or leave out facts and details just to make a good story. You are a free spirit and do whatever you feel. You are either an entertainer or leader. Sometimes you’d rather talk about things than do them. People often go to you with their problems because you can make them feel better after a talk. You may not give good advice but you generally know the right things to say to cheer them up. You’re the type that enjoys being with a large group of friends and taking the spotlight. Be careful not to have a big mouth or big ego. People with this personality trait have mood changes very quickly from cheerful to bitter and vice versa! You are susceptible to starting gossip or starting a fight because you can be obnoxious sometimes! Tone down your flames! .

I don't feel I am competitive as I don't like to play unless I know I will win. Hmmm.. or is that what they mean? lol Otherwise pretty spot on even the not so flattering parts.

THe next one I took was...

Angela completed the quiz "What's your biggest weakness?" with the result Soul.

You are intelligent and you think about life and philosophy and WHY to everything. A lot. But you are missing passion. You like to do creative things, but they often lack the soul behind it. You can make people laugh and beat your friends in an IQ test, but when it comes to living life to the fullest you are lost, even though you think you aren't. You think you are right, but underneath of it all you are confused. You are only guided by your mind which often leads you astray, but your soul rarely reflects in your life. You like to work hard for things and you think you deserve them, but you sometimes wonder why you are where you are. You need direction for your persistent and determined personality, but you aren't sure where to get it.

I totally agree that I am fearful of failure which makes my passion wane quickly. I want to be somebody but lack the confidence or something to make it happen. I have all these ideas I never follow through on. Which I knew how to overcome that!

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