Saturday, August 8, 2009

Determined to have a good day

So far already pretty good.  I got on the scale and was down.  I can’t believe it but maybe worry and not wanting to eat the first three days helped.  Yesterday I had a total eat what I wanted day.  I did pay for it by the end of the day.  The scale here at rehab reads kg so I had to convert it.  I am not sure if any poundage is lost in the conversion as it shows I lost like two three lbs in a day when it was just down one kilogram??  But no matter what I will take it.  I am an emotional eater and over eater and I know I was stuffing my stomach too full there for a few days when I did eat.  I need to get back to basics.  Anyone have tips on getting back to basics AND to handle emotional eating? 

Today is the tax free weekend so I am excited to go shopping for the boys school items AND to just get out of the rehab center.  DH and I are switching.  I am physically ready (the bed is a killer and I do feel I need a break and to spend time with my other son’s) but emotionally I don’t know how ready I am.  I will have work to distract me so that will be good.  And I can scrap which is always a stress reliever to me.  Monday we should have a definite timeframe for Aaron to be in the rehab facility. 

On to scrap news.  I feel my son is well enough that I can join a contest at life preserver scrap kits.  [img][/img] (I hope the image works!)  It sounds like a ton of fun with immunity and challenges.  And we get to have a code name.  I am not sharing mine yet as I think it is part of the challenges. 

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