Monday, September 14, 2009

Let the story begin…

I am not sure I will get back to actually work on any new layouts so I am going to totally drag out Saturday and I think I have enough little things to do it.  :D  it was either let you guys wait or just give you little bits at a time and since I have ADD and get bored easily with long posts I figured I would do a longish one first then fill in the rest of the week with smaller ones :D

First I want to say I don’t know if I will go back.  In general it was a Dud to me.  I am not going to focus on the negatives as I don’t want to be that way on here but it just kind stinks that they joy I had for my first one totally died out with this one.  some of it was CS issues and some was just me.    Ok so on to the day.  I got up really early and wanted to leave by 6 am.  It is roughly an hour and half drive and I had a plan to be there right when it opens since i went alone and I didn’t want to have to keep asking if there was an unsaved seat and I wanted to make sure I got close to an outlet as I had my slice and laptop to watch movies.  I took a few extra minutes to play Farmville and farm town on facebook as I addicted AND I can’t let my crops go to waste if I can help it.  My husband said to me… don’t you need to leave (he knew I was excited and had a plan) and I was like yeah but this won’t take too long.  So I left about 6:40.  I could have chose two ways to get to Springfield from where I live.  I decided to go the country way as it is just a nicer drive.  I get five minutes in and am passed by a trooper obviously in a hurry.  Ten minutes later I come across why.  There was an accident with a semitruck.  (I later heard no one was hurt thank the Lord!)  My first thought was “Wow, life is amazing.  I could have been in that accident if I had left on time.”  Now there is no way to know for sure BUT it had very recently happened because I had to turn around and go back to my town and I was passed by another cop and ambulance so very new.  So due to this I didn’t get mad or uptight about having to go back to town and take the longer way.  And I called my husband and informed him my obsession with certain things can save my life.  lol

So I get to town actually right on time since I left pretty early to begin with.  I was going to go to starbucks first though as you all might know I am IN LOVE with starbucks.  I felt confident I knew where I was going in Springfield.  I DID NOT!  I spent at least a half hour getting lost.  Finally through my cell phone MapQuest I managed to find it.  Apparently that street splits and there is streets in-between and doesn’t go straight though.  I then decide I am already late so why not stop at starbucks which fairly right next door.  No it had a LONG line.  GRRRR.  SO I get there grab my stuff (so glad I only had the three bags to bring in) and have someone help me find a seat.  It only took twice for her to find a single seat for me.  (still remember I was trying to avoid this) and I then have issues trying to find juice.  (this was part of the CS issue but I digress)  Finally I was able to figure it out since thankfully I brought a power strip so a couple ladies let me feed from there main line.  Ok so I am irritated at myself and others but life is still good I made it and I only have up from there. 

I sit down maybe 15 minutes and settle eat some fruit (I was there too late to get any pastries… grrrr)   Raffle tickets were given out.  When I left in the am I said to myself.  I am going to win today.  And I can say that with confidence as I can think of at least six times that I have had that vibe and won.  (at work raffles (got two baskets for ten dollars once with a ton of stuff), at the casino (only once kinda big), scratch offs, a slice, etc.)  So I show up half hour + late and the first ticket drawn is MY TICKET!!!  Wow I couldn’t believe it!!  (which is like duh with what I said above but I think it but then I think I am silly of course I won’t win.) 

So I am way excited and come to find out I win a mini Halloween kit from Nikki Sivils.  I ADORE her.  She is a fairly new designer but is amazing and she is a local gal and I am all about supporting people in my community.  she even went to the same school my boys did.  (come to find out)  In fact I talked about how I adore her and am going to specifically buy her products here.  The link above is her blog about meeting me with a pick of us and the kits.  Here is a close up of the kit I took while there.

scrapbooking 001

I am doing more mini books but I don’t have the confidence to do them a lot.  But I am going to use this one to perfect my style even if I have to lift every page! 

So the day was looking up!!  Later on I went and did some shopping and here is a photo of what all I got for $94 dollars.  It is a lot really.  I am loving that Tim Holz distressor.  scrapbooking 002

I also got crackle paint which I am going to research and try to figure out how to use.  I got some prima items.  Different pieces of papers like some sassafras lass that i don’t really have any off but I think can be cute in layouts I have seen.  I upgraded to liquid pearl instead of just stickles.  And I have been wanting grungeboard forever and finally got some of it.  I am not sure I really like it but I am going to do some research on that too.  Maybe then I will love it as much as I thought I would.  If anyone has websites or ideas please share with me! 

Hmmm…. So I am thinking that is enough for now.  :D  Stay Tuned……


Maggi said...

Wow, congrats on winning that mini kit, it is too cute! Love the stuff you got too!

laterg8r said...

super scrappy goodness :D