Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally some new layouts

Some I did before the move and the rest I did Tuesday.

Here is Alex stuck behind out tv trays at our old house.

This is a Walgreens collage of Andrew's birthday party. The pics are specific to Aaron

This one is Summer Fun with alex. Early in the summer I got a chance to run with my boys for literally the first time in a water balloon fight. It was a highlight of the summer.

I found some old photos of Andrew and Aaron and I love these two pics of Aaron playing on the slide at Gray's lake. I think I even remember this day. :D

This one is the Walgreens collage of Alex's Chuck e Cheese pics. I had a lot more of pics of him so this ones do not include the pics of them at grandma's for cupcakes.

This is the collage for Andrew. It was his actual birthday and all these collage pics I used BG paper. I thought it was perfect for birthdays but the layouts didn't turn out as well as I thought they would. I think I made the mistake with the collages. They took up too much space really but since kinda expensive I didn't dare not use them.

This layout is done with scraps around the house. I like it except for the glue I used on the ribbon. Made it too hard. The pic is form the chuck e cheese art kiosk. I love that thing :D

The last one I have right now is a double layout of Aaron with alex when we all got new glasses. We had fun trying them off and I love Aaron's look in his single page picture.

I think I might make some time today to scrapbook if not definatly tomorrow and this weekend.

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