Tuesday, October 28, 2008

List of Cricut Carts I want :D

There are a lot of Cricut cartridges I would like especially since I now have the computer program that welds the images together. No more individual glueing....

Blackletter :This font cartridge contains a traditional Old-English style font and is perfect for creating stately monograms or adding an elegant touch to scrapbook pages or home decor. Bonus shapes include bookmarks, flourishes, and antique icons that can be used to recreate the look of illuminated letters found in old books and manuscripts.

Graphically Speaking: This cartridge is for those who love the look of patches, posters, or modern graphic titles. It contains numerous unique phrases, words, and images that let you mix and match with fonts and icons. When combined, the resulting images are full of energy and style, and are perfect for paper crafting or home decor.

Indie Art Solutions Cartridge: Rock and Roll! This cartridge is full of hip images and a hard edged style.

Home Accents Solutions Cartridge: Give your home decor a little something extra! The borders, flourishes, and images add cheer and class to any room.

Stretch your Imagination: It is time to stretch that imagination and create something fabulous. There is so much that you can make with this unique cartridge--create it, then stretch it!

Walk in My Garden: Bring your green thumb inside with this whimsical collection of flowers, bugs, and garden accessories.

Storybook Cartridge: Recapture the imagination and art of nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and fables. With the Storybook cartridge, it is easy to create flourishes that can be layered onto each letter and add that extra childhood magic to any project. Other features include decorative corners, borders, frames and icons all guaranteed to give your project a "happily ever after".

Stone Solutions Script: This unbelievably pretty font is perfect for embellishments on your projects or for home decor.

These I would get if I won the lottery.

Disney/Pixar© Cars Cartridge: The thrill of the race, the quest for speed--with this cartridge you can have your own race to the finish line with your favorite Disney/Pixar characters! Kids of all ages will love to assemble their own Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc, Sally, King, Wingo, Luigi, Guido, Red, Sarge, Fillmore, Flo, Ramone, Frank, the Sheriff and many more characters from the movie. This cartridge also contains phrases, icons, and logos for your favorite characters. As Disney/Pixar continues to release new and exciting Cars products, this cartridge is sure to be a big hit for years to come!

The World of Cars cartridge contains the Body/White/Windows, Tires/Eyes, Detail/Detail, Spare Parts, Spare Parts Blackout, and Shadow as special features.

Disney© Tinker Bell & Friends Cartridge: With Disney's Tinker Bell movie and the huge demand for all things Tinker Bell, this cartridge is sure to be a favorite with Disney fans everywhere. Tinker Bell and her new fairy friends--Fawn, Rosetta, Iridessa, and Silvermist--are beautifully rendered on this cartridge, which contains all the favorite poses as well as pretty botanicals and other items from the movie. With over two dozen uniquely designed phrases and elegant fairy silhouettes with filigree wings, there is bound to be something for every fan!

This cartridge includes Flesh/Hair, Wings/White, Outfit/Outfit, Eyes/Lips/Extra, Filigree and Shadow/Blackout creative features.

Of course... I need money so we will see. I might make a point to get one or two for me for christmas.

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