Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Somebody needs to keep reminding me NOT to

go to those sad websites!!! I keep reading them and then I sit here and cry and cry ... trying to hid my tears from my kids... I hate to imagine what it would be like if I lost one of my babies... but no one can predict those things All I can do is pray that God will take mercy on me and allow my kids to have a good long life.

I have only read two.. one a month or so ago where the boy drowned and then one today that I saw the info on my scrapbook message boards and her daughter tied from dusting and passed out in a tub and drowned. Whoa talked about how things could be different. I read her blog and it started a month after her daughter died... and you can see how she has "evolved" from just utter greif to someone resigned to her fate. I saved in my favorites but I hope it give me some insight in case ever have to go through that. Do other people worry this much or am I the freak? Like DH's grandma is in the hospital but I don't want her to die because these things happen in threes. And I believe that!! But she is 90 so at some point will happen. I made her a card from my new cricut and will post soon.... that leaves my ? of the day being... is other people as fearful of death as me?

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