Saturday, October 10, 2009

the layouts as promised

Yesterday’s challenge at PS was to use a name in the layout.  I did it three ways – one for each boys.  I compiled info on their birth names and went with that.  The middle one is my favorite.  I try to keep it all green (is that monochrome?) and I like the negative space too.  Alex’s I love the PP and had a thought in my mind but it didn’t turn out right.  I totally hate that when it happens.  Too bad it happens a lot!  (I think I whined earlier about this but it really stinks!! lol)

003 009 010

I was able to get one more done that was not a challenge.  I have really liked these papers.


I wanted to leave with a picture I took of my oldest looking at my latest creations.  I hope when he is 20 he still cares and/or humors me.  :D


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Joy-N-Jesus said...

great job! Oh, I love when the family looks at Layouts I have created. It makes it so worth all the time, and makes me want to scrap more! I am sure he will always appreciate it! Good job!