Saturday, October 17, 2009


To my blog.  It started as strictly scrapbooking and over time has turned into mostly scrapbooking with a few snippets of my life to share with friends I have made in blog land.  I had planned on finishing this halloween project but it didn't make it.  And I was going to show pics but This is my birthday weekend (tomorrow is my real birthday)   Yes weekend.  I am sort of a Princess and it takes three days to celebrate me.  lol.  That and I am a kid at heart though this birthday has hit me kinda hard or harder as I thought I would be famous by now living in New York instead of beautiful Ozarks Missouri. 

I promise to update and edit this blog post later on as I went ouit for my birthday last night and got back way to late and of course had a church commitment (quizzing) with my oldest I had to help with so I am here waiting for it to start (lucky me I am the secretary so I get to use to computer here with no questions :D )  BUt come back later this evening and I will have some pictures. 

I want to share quick so that this hop to my blog is not totally wasted... I once went to a Halloween bowling contest and my costume was a ceral box but I went as a Serial Killer -- Cereal --- Serial -- Is that crickets I hear?  Hey I thought it was clever but was totally beaten out by my friend out the time who hand made a complete shamu killer whale costume.  Really she deserved for the money and time she put in but I still think mine was cleverer.  lol

As a kid the best costume is I was a cabbage patch doll.  I am going to hunt down a picture as I was way cute and I did win awards at my church that year for best kids costume.

Anyway... sorry for being a little lame and please come back later if you have the time (I will be checking your blogs later too!)


Star Rork said...

lol, hope you have a great 3-day birthday!

laterg8r said...

i'll be back later, i follow you :D

AwtemNymf said...

I loved Cabbage Patch Dolls. Rem. what it took for some parents to WAIT and get theirs! Wow!
I'd love to see a photo! Thanks for partying with me and others at Vanessas Blog Party!

julietk said...

mmmmmm cereal killer Doing the party round, Happy Halloween :-)

Autumn said...

Hillarious! Can't wait for the update. Happy BIRTHDAY!
~ Autumn Clark said...

Ha Birthday!! But oh no, I hate stomach blues! EEEEEEPS! I hop eyou had a blast getting there though ;) ;)

slommler said...

Happy Halloween!!! I can see a Serial Killer...LOL!! Thanks for having me
Stop by mine