Friday, October 9, 2009

Just a little funny

I did five more layouts today but I am feeling a little under the weather (there has been a plague in our house so I am hoping it isn't that)  I hope to share them tomorrow.

But I wanted to tell you all a funny story.  So my youngest is three and well has not been taught modesty yet.  I am working on it though because he decided one day to tell everyone out loud in an upscale store that I did not have a weiner.  So I was in the restroom and he comes busting in (The door was shut as I have older boys I promise ... I just don't lock it but that is sounding more and more appealing)  I say to Alex... "Have you heard of the word privacy?"  He looks at me plain as day and says "NO!"   HAHHAA  well obviously.  Kids are something else sometimes I swear! 

Hope all of you are well and warm.  It is already cold here and I hate it!

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