Thursday, June 25, 2009

The latest!

These are my latest layouts. I love my slice and most of these were done with the fonts and shapes. Most of these were also done with the heartbreaker papers. I am finally done with all those papers. I am really thinking I need to learn to be less controlling on the kits and when I am bored with one to put it away. The funny thing is I use to not get bored with them. But I think it depends on how easy the colors are to use with boys. I really thought the heartbreaker would be easier but it kind of wasn't. Though a lot of them turned out well. I don't have one I can't stand. And that is a good thing as sometimes I do. This layout was done as a challenge to use fabric in a challenge. at first I didn't like the way it was looking as I hand stitched it on BUT in the end I think it turned out nicely.
Bo Bunny paper. I decided to just get one peice of this line and this one was my favorite.

This layout was from a sketch challenge from the PS message board. It is one of my favorites I did from that line.
This one is my least favorite but it was a challenge and a subject I did want to blog about so i was happy to complete it.

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Maggi said...

Wow, you've been rocking the layouts! I've done exactly 2 lately. lol