Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I was able to get back in my room

These are all from a zany zinnia kit with Fany Pants Summer Soiree. It turns out I will be getting three kits with this paper in it. I think it will work out as it allows me to want to do less cutting of paper and use more patterned paper as background.

This is the first page to a two pager where Alex caught his first fish at age two. Second Page.
I started to watch Lucinda and Oscar but it got boring so I switched to Conversations with Other Women. So far really good movie but I had to stop to do homework. I couldn't put it off any longer.
I forgot to say what I was watching when I made the previous five this day. The Constant Gardner. I hated the ending but it was fitting and overall an excellent movie I see why it got Oscars.


Maggi said...

Great layouts! I've been watching the most depressing movies lately! (not on purpose of course, lol) Atonement, Immortal Beloved and The Duchess.

As always Love..... Angela said...

I have not seen atonement but the other two are good movies especially the DUchess.