Monday, December 29, 2008

So I worked this weekend on the room downstairs that will be my official scrapbook room. I think it is coming along well...

At first I thought the desk would be too low but I actually like it that way. I know it is not pretty like other folks but I love it... there are still several things I need to do to make it perfect but it is coming along. To see how it looked before check some older posts... I think from October. :D

I was on two peas and saw some people were making new years scrapbook resolutions. So here are a few of mine.

1) Get my over 300 loose layouts in albums -- will have to start buying albums on sale and refill pages etc.
2) Each month print off the photos for that month. I think this will be easier to make do for chronilogical (sp?) scrapping which I never do but like the idea of :D
3) Use up as much of my stash as I can and only buy my kits and consumables
4) Get one of those new Kodak printers. Found here;jsessionid=CYRAOBLSQDG1LFW4FBBHWD2W1YUEK4L4?pq-path=14204&pq-locale=en_US&ekreferrer=nfom_esp3 I wish I had the money right now. Of course that would make #2 null and void.. but then again I would probably use walgreens on sale for regular prints and use that printer for later ones. :D Sounds like a plan!

That is all I got for now :D I have 12 new layouts I did that I plan on posting later in the week. House duties call right now :D

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