Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So sad no mojo :(

I have not scrapped since the beginning of the month.  I did 40 layouts in January after all so I am way behind.  I just haven't had the gumption.  Even after being excited for the display thing my dh found me.  I think when organizing it I realized once again how much I have hoarded.  And I don't know if I will ever use it all.  And then I think man what a waste of money etc.  And with my current ecomomic status it just depressed me more. 

BUT then this friday I am to get my income tax back and have decided to take some funds from that and stock up on new paper.  (I heart paper!)  And though I can't justify more embellishments I can paper as I do go through it.  In fact last night I matched up half of what I have for paper (and most of my new papers and all of some really old papers that I thought would be a good idea to pre-assemble (yeah not such a good idea but I will make do) so I can use all of those and feel major accomplished :D  )  SO I am fired up again and bummed I won't have time tonight to go downstairs. 

So right now I am debating what papers I want/need to get.  Anyone have suggestions on new must haves that are not too frilly.  I can handle a paper or two girly but really won't use a lot of that kind of paper with three boys.  :D 

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Lynette said...

Oh I so know the feeling. I come and sit in my scrap room and can't seem to concentrate on what I want to do...maybe it is all the goings on in my family that does mojo:(