Monday, March 1, 2010

Maybe this will help

my mojo!  I purchased some scrap products.  Really just a few as I decided to be a good girl and stay within my dollar a layout budget.  So this is what $54 buys you.  :D  With free shipping (YEAH!)

024 025

All the BG origins line (minus one piece which of course is the prettiest piece)  And six tattered angels I am showing in the picture.  I purchased mainly boyish colors and a silver and gold.  They are expensive to me but I love what people do with them.  Maybe on impulse I might get a pink or purple but for now i am happy with them.  I am thinking I will have to use them tonight on some pages.  I need to unwind.  Maybe that is why I have been in a funk I haven’t been in my scrap cave enough :D  lol


I wanted to leave ya all with some new family photos.  I got my hair did a little darker. 



Aaron lost a tooth (he couldn’t wait it has been forever since he lost his bottom two)


Alex being silly.  He is getting so big and talks ALL THE TIME!  cute and annoying at the same time.  016

Andrew doing various boy projects.  He is getting to the age he doesn’t need his mommy much anymore.


Lynette said...

I love seeing photographs of the people I get to know on the message board at feels like I know you:)

Passing Fancies said...

Great pics of your boys. Sid lost 4 teeth a month or so ago.

That BG Origins is beautiful! I gae in and bought it all too.


nomorelittlemonkeys said...

Hey, Angela! I've missed seeing you over at LPS. You look absolutely fantastic!