Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blog Challenge

I was at scrapbook4u's message board and they know have a friday blog challenge. The first one is a blog challenge the last fun thing we did this summer. I would have to say for total fun is my youngest birthday. I can't believe he is now three! One Year old... I couldn't find any new borns pictures on this computer.
One Year old. Yum Alex LOVES ice cream! Almost two years old... already a ham! Alex and His Mommy at three years old! We love each other! :D My husband once said our little family would not have been complete without him and I totally agree.
I threw this one in as he is just so cute and I love this picture!


Maggi said...

He is too cute!

As always Love..... Angela said...

Thanks... he is a very special boy. Everyone LOVES him.