Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes I am posting a lot...

kinda weird I have a lot to say. Slowly this blog is becoming more then just photos of my scrap pages but a little more of my life. And I kinda like it :D

I have been meaning to post a couple pics just to demonstrate my weight loss. I try not to make my life all about that but when I see pics I can't believe myself what a difference pysically and emotionally it has made in my life. I have to thank God for a lot of it too. :D
I saw the picture my dad took of me in the middle last summer and I thought how neat to take a picture of me in the same top!! What a difference a year makes. The top one at the pool is from July 2007 so all three are summer pics.

Below is three new layouts I did. (sorry they are blurry) this afternoon watching Her Girl Friday (or my I am not sure). It is a Cary Grant movie who I just adore! They don't make them like him and

Lastly this is my submission for the next week in the scrapbook4u camp contest. It was to do a picnic or family theme, use scallop paper, chipboard, and rubons. I have them all here. This is all hodge podge stuff from my stash.

And please look below this post for the rest of my Basic Grey Lime Rickey kit. Nothing left but a few embellishments. Boy I am good lol!


Star said...

your weight loss is such a amazing transformation, great job!

Angela said...

Thanks. When I ran across this picture I was like wow!