Friday, July 24, 2009

Gah... I am so excited.

I am participating in my first blog hop tomorrow. I am so excited and nervous. I got some ideas in my head to make it fun for all who visit :D

I right now just want to write a snippet on how much I LOVE google reader. It has really helped me stay on top of what follower blogs I have on there. I am currently at the domestic violence shelter I volunteer at so I don't have my list to keep saving but within a half hour I am all caught up on the blogs I follow. I am amazed how we now use blogs as ways to have "friends" of sorts. Sometimes I feel foolish that I know so much of these people I will probably never meet. I feel closer to them then I do my neighbors. It also fuels my need for voyuerism which use to be just held for peeping in house windows and seeing if the family is eating or watching tv, etc. I wonder if I am the only one who feels this psuedo feeling of kinship to people out there? Maybe I am wrong being philisophical on this blog that I was going to just reserve for scrap layouts and occasional want or idea. But the more I blog the more I want to share my personal life on here. Is that foolish? To think people care? The few blogs i really do follow religiously I can say I care about them. I would be heartbroken if their children or selves were hurt. I also enjoy hearing of their good victories too.

Oh... I got sidetracked.... anyway If you don't use reader and view a lot of google/blogger blogs use it. it saves a ton of time! And thanks for indulging me in my rant/semi whine there :D I promise tomorrow will be good times only!!

PS sorry for that bizarre two songs playing thing. I am going to fix it when I get home. It is those slides from the other posts. I will have to reconfigure them I guess :D Silly Angela! lol

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Maggi said...

I know exactly what you mean! I adore all of my blogging friends! :)

Can't wait for tomorrow!

ho ho ho! lol