Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I have been up too...

Cleaning and Organizing my scrapbook room! I am so proud of myself. I got rid of a tub of junk so far. YAY!

First here is a project I saw on you tube ( and was brought my my attention on the LPS sight. (Thanks ladies :D) You take a lamp and make it into a clip it up thing. I am trying to think how I can make a lazy B Susan kind of thing so it swivels and some of the items are too long so I am thinking how I can clip those up easily. But it is very handy and I hope it helps me with my stash!

Before ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------After -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------I saw this awhile back where you tie all your ribbon to a hanger. I found more ribbon cleaning so I think I will start a second hanger. I might move it to a different wall though. I haven't decided. It depends on how I organize the rest of the room.
Here is how I store my kits. I keep them in the plastic bags until there is nothing but a few embellies left. Then I put those away wherever they go. So I keep the together kits in the bags and in this plastic box thing.
This is how many kits I still have to work with. It is a lot if you ask me! I hope to make a dent as soon as I get this organizing and cleaning done. THough to be honest I will probably get bored with it and stop for a month. It seems to cycle for me. But I really HOPE to get it all organized! Keep your fingers crossed. lol This is how I have decided to store my extra paper. One is for just my cardstock and the the others are for my patterned misc paper. I don't have all that much so I am just going to leave it as is. I don't think at this point I need to sort it by colors or manufacturer as it really is just mutt stuff. This is also an example of a how you can recycle all those boxes we get from our kits or any other package really. The cardboard boxes are from those usps 14x14 boxes. I had my hubby cut them to match as close as possible to my two plastic cropper hopper paper holders to the left. I think I will use those for something else but wanted to take a picture with them to compare to boxes. Great way to recycle and conserve money! Oh and I saw it at you tube also from the lady who's website is She had other ideas too and her layouts/mini books are really awesome!

And the layout I did before I started this endeavor.
Here is my submission for week four of's Summer camp challenge. The challenge was as follow:
1. Scrap a holiday (your choice)
2. Use one nontraditional element
3. Use at least 3 pictures
4.Use 3 cardstock colors
5. Use only one patterned paper
So I have four pictures, three cardstock (gray background, green tree, and red bulbs on tree) Holiday is of course Christmas, the single pattern paper is also non-traditional as a floral print paper. I LOVE how it turned out and I think I have a chance of placing this time. I hope so. :D But there are really a lot more talented people on that sight so I doubt it. It is still fun to play!

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Maggi said...

Wow, you have been busy! Love your organizational skills!