Monday, July 6, 2009

This weekend... 14 layouts!

First I bought the 39 drawer organizer for smaller embellishments. And I totally cleaned my desk. I don't remember the last time it looked this good. The space infront of the door is reserved for my laptop as I have to be watching or listening to something while I scrap. And the organizer is awesome as I have already used from my stash! Always a plus!
This is all that is left of the July Scrapbookdeals4U kit. It was called Sweet Celebration and is PERFECT! for birthdays which we have two in June and one early July. I usually finish a kit to nothing left except some embellishments. I decided to put some of it away to scrap some Alexander photos from his little gathering/party Wednesday. But think about it I have this much left in the kit and still did 13 layouts! I am sure I will get at least three more. I just have to find cardstock for it. I swear there is never enough cardstock! The next thirteen layouts are from that awesome kit.
This is the one layout I didn't due with sweet celebration and I love it jus as much. And it was all stash!!!

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Maggi said...

You are rocking these kits! I love that cupcake paper!