Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I really need to budget my scrap spending.  It is not like I have gotten us into debt with it.  It is mostly why I have a part time job but I feel I am putting it before family needs way too often.  Just feeling guilty about it.  Plus I am starting to wonder if the kits I get really are that economical.  I think I am going to drop two and keep one.  I find scrapbook deals 4 u to have the best value with the best embellishments.  I am thinking of getting those kit(s) and then buy a few extras and stay within 100 a month.  This includes tools too.  I will either take a once a month trip to my LSS or buy online.  I like the idea of online if I can get free shipping and a discount. 

I was wanting feedback from anyone on how they budget or do in these economic times.  How do you decide what is a must have and a would like too?  Maybe I am just being too hard on myself as I have recently felt how productive is the scrapbooking  -- other then giving me a creative outlet.  Which is important but in the long run will people care?  I try not to be a downer on here but I wonder these things recently and need to get it off the chest. 


Passing Fancies said...

Hi I was just doing some blog surfing and found yours. I love your layouts and I think you are wondering about some important things. I too wonder if in the long run people will care but I care. I think it will be up to them to decide and maybe they will enjoy deciding.

Budgeting is something I struggle with. There are just so many products I would like. As to what is a must have, adhesive, cutting blades, pens etc, - things I have to have it to make pages. Other consumables I try to use as much as I buy. (LOL I try) For tools I once read a comment which I keep in mind before I buy, "for each dollar you spend you should get one page." I honestly forget where I read it. So if you spend $15 you should get 15 pages from it before you are tired of it.

Maggi said...

I'm horrible at keeping a budget but I've decided that I am not buying anymore scrap stuff (except for adhesive) until I get through the bulk of my stash. It's just ridiculous how much crap I've got. lol