Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Mucho Love

slow weeks at work.  I am a church secretary so some weeks I am very busy and others I am not so much.  This week was a not so much.  I took my scrap supplies with me and away accomplished!  :D  I only work part time so this is what I got done in about 6 hours over two days.  I have one more that I didn’t have the complete as I think I needed some flowers and other embellishments.  So here are the completed ones.  I still need to add most of the journaling but other then that they are complete.  I used one complete kit and did not cut it up at all.  I used whole sheets as background instead of cardstock.  This was fun and challenging.  It makes it easy when the paper is not double sided.  I didn’t get as many pages as I usually do but at least the kit is killed.  I use to try to be as frugal and stretch the kits as much as possible but I can totally feel myself evolving in my scrap style. 

scrapbooking 002 scrapbooking 003 scrapbooking 004 scrapbooking 005 scrapbooking 006 scrapbooking 007 scrapbooking 008 scrapbooking 009

I feel this one is missing something but not sure what or where??

scrapbooking 010 scrapbooking 011 scrapbooking 012

I have to add the number 33 to the top in big numbers but I didn’t have any number alpha’s with me.  Weird huh?scrapbooking 013

I don’t think there is a single one I don’t like so you know it is a good scrapping session when that happens.  They are all pretty simple and embellish light but sometimes the paper just does the talking for you.  This times challenge at the All About Me blog is what can’t you live without.  Here is my submission.  I love this paper and again the paper does ALL the talking as far as beauty so i didn’t add a thing other then my picture and the journal scraps.

scrapbooking 015

Sorry the weird light on the other photos the sun is going down here on a beautiful day.  I kinda regret not doing more outside today but I forget how soon it gets dark now.  Also there is a smell in my house I can’t get out or figure out.  I am embarrassed and pray no one stops over!!  Does anyone know any blogs that help freshen up a house?  Or tips of your own.  Please share!  It is driving me nuts.  And it is not the garbage, the dog, and I have smelly candles burning but the smell is so strong it just has mingled with the funk making it worse I would say!!  AGH!  Thanks in advance for any help you can give!  lol  Hope all your weekends are going well!


Star Rork said...

love your blog title, looks like you have been a super scrap freak!

Maggi said...

These layouts are awesome!