Monday, November 16, 2009

Odds and Ends

First the usual business.  Finished with that green kit and totally wish I had more.  It was tons of fun.  I got a couple new kits that look way fun to do.  Some Monsters with Sassafrass lass and geo hectic by WeRMemory Keepers.  Does anyone get those moments where you really want to scrap and have a ton of ideas but just not the motivation to actually scrap!  I really should have tonight but just couldn’t take the time to make it down there.  Life’s stress just got int he way.  Which is silly as it is my stress reliever.  Anyway I digress… Here are the four I did to finish the kit.

057 054 055 056

Sorry for the poor quality but my batteries are dead in my real camera so used the phone.  Not sure which one is my fave.  They all turned out well.  This kit was so easy to use!

This weekend we went to a Dance Off at University of Missouri.  It was a fundraiser for the children’s hospital and Kids Miracle Network.  We were a featured family.  It was a cool time.  Here are some photos I took.

049 001 005 006 007 008 013 014 015 016 017 018 035 045

There was this one part where my three year old was given a small purple guitar and he proceeded to dance with it and pretend to play it.  First there was a few of the kids watching him then slowly he had just about all 200+ kids watching, clapping, and going crazy with how cute he is.  Afterwards he had them lining up to take a picture with him.  He is a crazy kid!  lol

And because I can’t stop there I have to add these cute video Alex and I took while waiting for Daddy at Lowe’s  The first is showing off his big muscles and where he got them for and the second features his favorite saying “Because I said so” and telling me how he is the boss.  BTW – in the beginning he is asking to watch his muscle video.  He loves to watch and laugh at himself in photos and videos.  Gotta LOVE the age of 3!

Just for the record I have two other very cute boys but I just haven’t gotten a chance to take good videos of them.  If I find one as I weed through what I took I will post.  :D  I will be leaving for my old home town (sorta – where my boys grew up really) this weekend and I have tons of fun planned.  This week is going to be forever!!  Isn’t that how it is when you are waiting for something fun and then when it gets there it only feels like a minute! 


Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Angela...RUN DON'T WALK TO THE NEAREST TALENT AGENT! You definitely have a star on your hands!! Goodness, that Alex is a super fabulous and stinkin cute to boot!

Love your layouts and your photos are fab!!

Love and hugs,

janis said...

love the photos you shared here. and my, you've been busy!!!!! ;o) love em all!!!!