Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank God for Blog Family

So I had been feeling pretty down about blogging.  I wanted to express some displeasure but then I was like who wants to hear people or me whine?  Though to be honest I like the blogs that have the good and the bad.  I don't want one that all it is doom and gloom but some insight into the person is refreshing.  What is funny is this post from Karyn at French Charming spoke candidly about her feelings for blogging and how we often do not life up to our expectations.  I think it is awesome the people who are so faithful to leave comments.  One that is uber awesome is Maggi I have seen her be super faithful to her favorite blogs and is always a joy to read her comments.  Now I have had other folks post here and there.  I think they are more like me and post a comment when they really have something to say.  Though I have feelings on all blogs I read... I just don't have enough of one to always post.  But then I am lazy... honest I am.  It isn't that I don't care but I feel guilty sometimes just being a lurker most times.  I do not want to leave out two more people who I also adore for their faithfulness to reading and commenting (at least to mine so I am sure others.)  Carrie and Callista.  Thank you to all three of you ladies... you make me feel warm and fuzzy and read.  Which is the point of blogs right?  Ok so in real life I tend to babble and I think I am now here too.  SO to point.  I was just feeling like some unpopular git who is silly for keeping up a blog.  Like how am I important.  But Karyn's post made me realize hey I do this for myself.  I hope to make friends and have awesome meet up stories one day but if that doesn't happen.... I have decided I am ok with that.  I will just keep plucking along because one day my children will have a digital record of our lives in a way and will slowly see how there are "strangers" out there that are for real and can care.  I know I felt that strong when my son had his brain tumor.  I really should not take it for granted!

Now I am also feeling better with this whole budget thing that was kind of depressing me.  I had posted on 2 peas in a bucket some budget ideas.  And thankfully people replied.  One awesome ideas was a dollar for every layout I complete.  I LOVE this idea.  Because it keeps you from hoarding (which in general I don't do other then some older embellishments I really need to use) and keeps you in a realistic guilt free budget (at least for me).  This thought was reiterated by a comment from Carolyn who's blog I have totally fallen in love with.  I sincerely LOVE her work I saw.  Some people I see work and I think man are they trying ot just put every peice of prima/bling etc on there or are they trying to be artful.  I love artful layouts for scrapbooking.  I am not saying I accomplish this... no I do in my own way but not like a lot of people I see.  Anyway again I am getting off track.  Carolyn really has artful gorgeous work!  And the other thing I liked is she showed some organizing she does.  I just wish I could sew!  So a big shout out thanks to Carolyn for finding my blog and commenting.  I totally made my day.  (you too Maggi and I agree I should just get the basics but man I go through a lot of tape so I am fearful that is where all my dollars would go too if I included in my budget.  KWIM?)

SO I guess that is it... and if feels good to get these few things off my chest.  SO next time I should be back to layouts and family photos.  No more sour stuff for a week or two I promise :D

PS -- I want to add and forgot to say 1) Carolyn is also a dragon for Chinese sign as I am and Maggi -- Not sure about others but dragons are the best lol and 2) If I am a follower I do read your blogs.  I look at my reader every day.  I might not read them all every day but I get caught up almost every Tuesday at work.  (HEE HEE don't tell my boss :D just kidding he knows as I am the only one he has to talk to and vice versa.  It is often nice being the only worker besides your boss BUT it is sometimes lonely... Sigh :D)  Ok thanks again for following and reading!  Angela


Clair said...

So, two things...

1) I totally agree with you when it comes to commenting. There are the blogs that I comment faithfull on and then there are blogs that I only tend to comment on when I have something to say. Of course, sometimes those second types turn into the first types when I get to know the other blogger better! :)

2) Scrapbooking on a budget shouldn't be difficult and actually I feel as though scrapbooking shouldn't just be about product. I haven't been able to buy new stash for about half of the year now - it isn't stopping me. In fact, I'm using up those papers I LOVE and have been hoarding.

If you love layers in your scrapbooking, but want to budget, check out Tara Anderson who uses scraps in THE most artful ways!

Angela said...

Thanks Clair! I will totally check her out.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Oh you sweet lady you! Thank you for "getting it"! I had a few people misinterpret what I was trying to say and thought that I wanted more comments or followers...huh?

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with blogging but as I said, I do it for the amazing connections I make with wonderful and talented women from all over the world!

I’ve perused through your blog and you have mega skills! I follow several scrapper’s and I don’t have a scrapping bone in my body! I just enjoy the talent out there…I’m hoping someday you all will rub off on me!

Thank you for your visit and great comment…I’ll be back!

Love and hugs,