Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Belated Halloween!

I had wanted to post yesterday night but the candy sidetracked me lol.  This is not a layout heavy post but a photo heavy as Halloween is such a visual celebration! 

First I want to go back a little and show pictures from my 33rd birthday.  It was a blast.  My DH and I had not been out together in FOREVER!  So I can’t resist showing some photos. 

DSC00379 DSC00371 DSC00378

So our Halloween was sort of a bust.  We tried to go to a haunted house but half the people were on break and not really that scary.  But really I think perfect for a first one for little boys.  That was Friday then Saturday we thought the mall was giving candy but we missed the day.  It was Friday and to make matters worse my husband and I got separated as I told him he didn’t have to go door to door with us.  So I couldn’t find him in this huge strip mall and we waited in the car as I thought well sooner or later he should get back.  It was really annoying at first but then the kids took a nap and I chilled out and relaxed so it was ok… almost nice.  Finally almost two hours later we found each other..  :D  030 

Though I did finally get a cute picture of alex on one of those quarter outdoor rides.

Oh first we went to starbucks as I wanted to treat the kids to their caramel apple spice.  It was a bust.  an expensive bust!!  GRRR I totally hate it when I want to plan something so nice then it doesn’t work out and it cost too much!  Proof planning too much is no good!!  And It is a habit I can’t break.  I am a planner/controller!  but I did get some cute pictures and one of me and my middle son which I think is the best picture of me ever and I don’t ever really like any picture of myself. The other neat thing is my nine year old took that picture.  He has a way natural eye at photos.  I can see him making an awesome career at it when he grows up.024 025 026 027 028 029

Oh and I got ahead of myself again last sunday we did pumpkins with some friends and they looked totally cool together


. 012 013 014 017

And then the other day we were messing with those colorful vampire teeth that seems to be all the rage for giving this year.  Super cute pics here too!

023  022 021

So the actual going out was good on the loot we have an awesome neighborhood and a lot of folks even decorated their yards.  I am low on photos as Alex started getting sick and we just wanted him to go to a few houses before it got dark and cold.  (Yes I was so happy the weather was gorgeous.  I love that kind of fall weather!) So these are not very good.  The scrapbooker in me might make them dress up just so I can have a great group picture.  Andrew was the Emperor Palpatine and Aaron Darth Vader (we have this wii game that has the boys obsessed with Star Wars.  They wake up and turn it on before going to the restroom even!  And Alex was Iron Man as right now that is his favorite super hero.  It is so weird in a good way that he likes super heroes so soon.  The older boys were into Blues clues and Dora at his age but then again they didn’t have older brothers who don’t want to watch those shows.  lol  Anyway he loves all things super heroes it is so cute.   031 032 033 034 036 038

So I hope all of you remembered to fall backwards and gained your hour this morning to sleep in.  Funny how we still woke up at the same time which makes this AM Forever a little bit.  I am off to take Alex to the doctors for his cough.  I am afraid it might turn worse so want to try and nip it in the bud :D  I also hope all of you had a safe happy Halloween!


flom said...

what a great post! i loved all the pics and you're right, Aaron is a brilliant photographer -- i LOVE that pic of you and Alex. :D send Aaron up here to take pics of me and my kiddos since Travis blows at it. ;)

Maggi said...

I love the picture your son took! Sorry everything didn't turn out as planned but it looks like the kids had a blast!